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Travel Opportunities

Are you interested in travelling to another country and taking classes in a new environment? Or how about doing volunteer work in a poverty driven country? Or travelling across the U.S. to places you have never been before?

At Benedictine, there are tons of opportunities to travel somewhere new. I am involved in a club called UNICEF, which strives to help children across the world get the resources they need to survive a healthy life. This October, I will be travelling with the Benedictine University UNICEF Program to New York City for a summit meeting with UNICEF programs across the nation and the founders and CEOs of UNICEF. Not only will I be getting more involved in my club by attending this enriching event, but I will be able to explore New York City and all that it entails! I have never been to New York before so I am extremely excited!

Also, every winter break, there is a mission trip where Benedictine students travel to a different country to volunteer and make a difference in a different country. This year the Study Abroad Program is hosting the event in the Philippines!

Taking classes for a semester in a new country is also an option and a fulfilling experience! Benedictine has partner schools in the following countries: Bolivia, Denmark, China, Tokyo, France, Mexico, South Korea, and Spain. More information on Benedictine’s Education Abroad Programs can be found at the link: http://ips.ben.edu/index.php.

Every college graduate that I’ve talked to has that one regret that they wish they could have studied abroad while they were in college. I plan to study abroad in my junior or senior of college if everything goes as planned and I cannot wait until that moment comes! Broaden your horizons and study in a new country surrounded by tons of new culture and adventure!