Morgan Spiegel


What is up guys!?

I’m Morgan Spiegel, a Sophomore at Benedictine University. I eat my M&M’s in rainbow order, I enjoy painting surrealism, and my favorite breed of dogs are schipperkes!

The more important question, what am I planning on doing with my life? I am currently majoring in psychology, with a concentration in physical therapy. One day I hope to earn my doctor of physical therapy degree and become a physical therapist to help others.

Hoffman Estates is my hometown, and even though I only live a half hour away, I live on campus. I fell in love with Benedictine because everyone here is warm and welcoming. The community is like a family. The professors are all so very personable and passionate about teaching. I knew I could also get involved on campus and have a lot of fun with clubs and sports. I am a proud member of the women’s soccer team here at school and also a part of New Student Ambassadors. I recently heard about the club Care to Cure, and I am now in that.


Thanks for reading guys! I’m always open to any questions! 🙂


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