Desmond Washington

DSCN0062Hey Guys,

The name is Desmond Washington. I’m a freshman here at Benedictine University. My major is accounting. So far I’m enjoying my stay here. As a native from the West Side of Chicago I enjoy being close to home but not too close. The location was one of the many things that attracted me to Ben U. Ben U provides me with multiple challenges. Ben U gives me an academic challenge with the rigorous but beneficial courses, social challenge with its array of networks available, and ethical challenge with the mass diversity on and off campus.

Speaking of the campus, I’m very energetic around campus. I’m currently involved in on-campus activities. I’m on the Exec Board of the Black Student Union as a Student Representative. I’m a member of the Student Senate under the College of Business. I’m business minded, meaning that before I have fun I handle business, but when I do have fun I utilize the campus. On campus I take advantage of all the free events whether it be movie nights, bingo, parties, or just hanging out around campus. I believe I have a bright future ahead of me here at the school and I can’t wait to assert my adventurous personality.


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