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Raising Minimum Wages to $10.10?

The hot topic on politics and business news is the increase of minimum wage in America.  Since the beginning of his election, Obama had on his planner the increase of minimum wages from $8.25 to $10.10. Many workers in America are really looking forward on the incoming changes, where some McDonald’s workers went on a strike to emphasize the importance of this topic and the impact in their life.  In the news recently, Obama also highlighted the importance of increasing the minimum wage in America.  Even though many middle class workers might like this idea, there are many other complications that can be created from this transition.  Everyone would like to have a higher wage, but increasing the minimum wage might have an effect on different companies, in a sense that many companies cannot afford paying their workers with higher wages.  In every economical change there are many uplifting things that happen, but also there are downsidse to them.  If we increase the minimum wage, every other profession would ask for an increase as well.  Someone that makes $100,000 a year, would also ask to make more.  In the economy status that the media exposes us to it seems that that wont be possible to do.  In the same time, someone that makes minimum wage does struggle at this time to keep up with bills, raising kids, etc.., as the prices of products are also increasing starting from gas to household products.

Many studies have been happening on this topic and it seems that with an increase in wages it would lead to 500,000 loss of jobs; also the study showed that higher wages would push 900,000 people above the poverty line. As Obama’s team is pushing for this change to go through, their opponents argue that the money spend on this issue should be spent on education and job training, this way workers can better themselves with a better education and more prepared for their jobs.

I think our current federal minimum wage, which hasn’t been raised since 2009, seems unreasonably low, but I also wonder if a nearly 40 percent increase isn’t asking a bit much. If it’s going to be raised, it should be tied to inflation so it exists as part of our economic philosophy and can’t be used as a political cudgel. I realize this is impractical in an era of partisan politics, but what I’m in favor of is a comprehensive approach to making life better for American workers. And that will require both sides to compromise.

If the minimum wage is raised, I’ll be happy for the working people who benefit and hopeful that the outcomes will be as good as promised. But if all we do is raise the minimum wage, I’ll worry we’re missing a chance to lift people out of poverty for good, and that a few years from now, we’ll be having this same conversation — again.


Jobs on campus

On campus there is an enormous amount of jobs on campus for students.  In every Building on campus there is at least five or more jobs in that area. Some of the jobs available for students are working in the library, Krasa dining area, Coalben dining area, the coffee shop in Kindlon, a student teacher, a student ambassador which is a tour guide on campus, etc. when you actually do get a job, there are certain hours that you are allowed to work based on your status as a student for example, if you are a freshmen you only get to work for 20 hours per pay period and if you are a sophomore or higher you are allowed to work 40  hours per pay period.

Planning for a productive summer!

Summer is approaching..even though it hasn’t felt like it. Before you know it you’ll be done with classes and out enjoying the great summer weather. Your summer does not have to go to waste. There are many different ways that you can make the most out of your summer. Working, internships, camps, book clubs and summer classes. There are endless possibilities that you could do while on summer break.

Spring is the time when you should be thinking about whether or not you want to pursue internships or work opportunities. Getting in touch with faculty and advisers who have a connection to a field that you want to go in to   is a great way to gain insight on the day to day operations. Getting a head start on this helps when it comes to planning your summer. Instead of trying to find work opportunities when you are out of school, you already have made that connection and are ready to work.

Summer is the time when many different camps take place. There is a camp for just about anything and everything. There are youth camps that are offered to students at little to no cost depending on which camp you choose. It is good to do your research on the camp or camps you want to attend this summer before making the decision to register.

Summer school…I repeat,SUMMER SCHOOL! It’s not just for students who did not pass a class anymore. A lot of students take summer classes to get ahead in the fall or just to take a course for enlightenment. With so many classes available there is a class that fits your interest. Paying for one summer class or for a class that is not offered at your school may be more logical to take somewhere else because it may be cheaper. Take a look at your options when deciding on taking a summer class.

Summer is the time to relax and embark on many adventures! The options listed above still allow you to stay productive while allowing you to enjoy your summer to the fullest. Who says you can’t have work with no play? Having a productive and enjoyable summer is easier than you think!


Finding a Summer Job

Everyone has big plans for their summer, but it’s hard to go out and have fun without the money to do so. To avoid the need to turn down plans to go to the mall or a movie, it’s good to look for a good summer job to either let you join in on all the fun or save up for future expenses. I know my goal this summer is to save up enough money to buy a car for next year.

To pick the right job it is important to familiarize yourself with your strengths and weaknesses. If you excess at yard-work and enjoy it, look into a landscaping company; if you are a people person who can handle money, look into retail or your local supermarket. Once you have become acquainted with the skills you excel at and a job that will utilize them, you can begin building a resume to turn into the company.

If you have any trouble putting together a great resume, let’s say you aren’t sure what to include or how long to make it, you can go to the Student Success Center (SCC) in the basement of Krasa and they will walk you through the basics and more complicated details of creating a successful resume to put you ahead of other applicants. They can even help you prepare for the interview that is sure to come if you are contacted.

If you live close to school, there is also the possibility of continuing to work here over the summer. For jobs like ours, there are always tours or visits that require Student Ambassadors to work. You can either look online or contact the SSC for information about what jobs are available and if they will need a worker over the summer. If you already have a job that has several other stores, you can even request to be transferred to one that is closer to you house.

And last, but not least, is that establishing a summer job now can set you up for every summer to come, that way you don’t have to start fresh year after year!

Pros about working on campus

Working on campus is one of the greatest jobs a college student can have. Jobs on campus look great on resumes! Also who doesn’t love extra money? Here are some pros about working on campus

  • Not having to drive
  • Only taking five minutes to get to work
  • Meeting new people (my favorite part)
  • Working after or in-between classes
  • Having a flexible schedule
  • Having an awesome boss!
  • Working with friends