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Children Around the World

I am always online reading the news around the world and see different ways that students can volunteer to help the less fortunate children around the world. This time I came across an article written about the children around the world and picture attached of their bedroom, and I have to say it was pretty uneasy to see and very eye opening.  I feel that it is our duty to help one another through the difficult situations, we as students, the future of the world to come, to rise and try to make a change for this kids.  I believe that once we have enough support, then we can make a change for the children.  One of the kids was Alex and he was from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and he was 9 years old, and his bedroom is simply a ripped couch outside. When we think of a bedroom we think of a safe place, inside in the warmth.

Alex, 9, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Another child was Bilal, 6 years old from Wadi Adu Hindi, West Bank.


Bilal, 6, Wadi Abu Hindi, The West Bank    Bilal does not even have a bed, and his room is made up of wires that act like walls.

Lamine, 12, Bounkiling village, Senegal

This is Lamine and he’s 12 years old from Senegal and his bedroom consists of a flat woods put together and many blankets.  There were many more pictures of children from different countries but these were the ones that really stuck out the most. It is important that we help to bring awareness around our schools and our communities in order for us to donate blankets or necessary things needed. It is important to put all selfishness aside and try to help these kids.  Contact UNICEF, bring up a conversation with someone about it, talk to different fundraiser to promote the awareness, etc.. One person can make a difference, but a group of people can make a BIG difference!






Travel Opportunities

Are you interested in travelling to another country and taking classes in a new environment? Or how about doing volunteer work in a poverty driven country? Or travelling across the U.S. to places you have never been before?

At Benedictine, there are tons of opportunities to travel somewhere new. I am involved in a club called UNICEF, which strives to help children across the world get the resources they need to survive a healthy life. This October, I will be travelling with the Benedictine University UNICEF Program to New York City for a summit meeting with UNICEF programs across the nation and the founders and CEOs of UNICEF. Not only will I be getting more involved in my club by attending this enriching event, but I will be able to explore New York City and all that it entails! I have never been to New York before so I am extremely excited!

Also, every winter break, there is a mission trip where Benedictine students travel to a different country to volunteer and make a difference in a different country. This year the Study Abroad Program is hosting the event in the Philippines!

Taking classes for a semester in a new country is also an option and a fulfilling experience! Benedictine has partner schools in the following countries: Bolivia, Denmark, China, Tokyo, France, Mexico, South Korea, and Spain. More information on Benedictine’s Education Abroad Programs can be found at the link:

Every college graduate that I’ve talked to has that one regret that they wish they could have studied abroad while they were in college. I plan to study abroad in my junior or senior of college if everything goes as planned and I cannot wait until that moment comes! Broaden your horizons and study in a new country surrounded by tons of new culture and adventure!

College who??

All my life I have known that I was going to college, but I never really knew what college meant.  Yes, I understood that it meant getting a higher education which means a better job which than equals more money, but the actual letters C-O-L-L-E-G-E was a mystery to me.

Let’s start with the double L’s, I have come to learn that they mean “you Live and you Learn”. I say that because in college you start to live your life without your parents and learn a lot  about yourself that you didn’t know before. Now the letter “G” seems to mean “guarantee” because in college you are guaranteed to have a good time. There is always someone around to hang out with or some type of event that is taking place; which makes college more interesting because you never know what the next day will bring. On both sides of the “G” is an “E”. The first “E” gives me the impression that it means “engaged”. In college you have to be engaged to learn and to meet new people. If you don’t become engaged you will have a very lonely four years in college. With this in mind let’s talk about the first letter of the word “C” which means “calm”. Yes, college is a new place with new and different people but stay calm don’t be nerves and afraid of the new things to come. With staying calm you should also be “enthusiastic” which is the last “E”; you should be enthusiastic because you are coming to a place where you can get away from your parents (especially if you’re living on campus). Last but not least is the “O” which means opportunity. There are many opportunities on campus to travel or do community service as a student you should be involved to learn more about the world you live in and others around you.  If you follow every thing that I have said you will have a great time in college, especially at Benedictine University!