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Comfort Foods You Need In Your Life

If you are like me, the next 2-3 weeks of school will be the most stressful time of the semester. Professors like to cram every important thing that is due for the week before finals, which means the word relaxation is no longer in your vocabulary until winter break. On top of that, finals are coming up soon AND the weather is becoming chillier by the day. So what’s the solution to all of this stress? Delicious food. Here are some easy comfort foods and drinks you can whip up to warm your belly and your heart (and maybe take the stress away for a moment).

Pumpkin Chili (or any chili): This recipe is easy because all you really need to do is throw all the ingredients into one pot. Using ground turkey in the chili is a healthier option to ground beef (so you can eat more of it.) The pumpkin adds extra flavor, smoothness, vitamins, and is perfect for the season.


Hot Chocolate: This one is pretty obvious, but there are ways you can spice it up to make it even more comforting. I like to add a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg for a cozier flavor. Also, my roommate and I discovered that putting in a little bit of flavored coffee creamer (pumpkin spice, French vanilla, peppermint, etc.) is the easiest way to make delicious flavored hot chocolate.

Minestrone Soup: In my opinion, this is the soup of all soups. Its filled with tons of healthy vegetables and beans so your body will thank you for eating it. Not only is it healthy, but it’s delicious and filling in all of its Italian glory.


Lasagna: You can’t go wrong with a good lasagna. its filled with melty, delicious cheese and hearty meat sauce. All you need is ricotta cheese, tomato sauce, ground beef, and shredded mozerella. Cook frozen spinach and add it to the ricotta mixture so you can get your vegetables in.


Grilled Cheese & Tomato soup: This is the definition of comfort food. It’s like a hug in food form. And there’s tons of ways you can spice it up. Add some ham or turkey to your grilled cheese for extra protein. For an Italian grilled cheese, use provolone or mozarella cheese and add spinach.

 Apple Crisp: Definitely one of easiest, coziest desserts out there. Not to mention it will leave your kitchen smelling like heaven. And its healthy if it has apples in it right? 😉


Remember that your mental health is always more important than your school work. Hopefully these foods can help you to relax and put things back into perspective.

Tis’ the season for getting plump!


Top Five Disney Movies of 2014

Many of us grew up with Disney; Disney movies, Disney radio, Disney channel, Disney Land, Disney World. Some form of Disney entered our lives at some point and to some degree. We may be college students now and mature adults (possibly) but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a good Disney movie; feel our hearts stop as the main character faces some unforeseen danger, laugh at the comical villan as they monologe about their evil plan, or even *gasp* sing along to the songs.

So let’s take a moment to look at what Disney has come out with lately:

The 2014 Top Five according to

1. Maleficent– we all know the story of Sleeping Beauty. How the beautiful Aurora was cursed by the evil Maleficent, to prick her finger and fall into a sleeping death. How her true love Prince Philip had to fight and kill the wicked Maleficent and defeat evil in order to save Aurora with true love’s first kiss. This new take on the time old classic however gives a new look on Maleficent; raising a few new questions. Who is Maleficent? Was she always evil? Why does she look the way she does? and the most important question…What really happened?

2. Muppets Most Wanted– have you ever mistaken someone for one of your friends and there’s that awkward “oh…um…you’re not so and so…oops” or maybe you’re the one who is mistaken for that other person. Either way it’s an awkward moment that you slightly cringe at as you walk away before forgetting about it five minutes later. Now imagine if that person you were mistaken for was a criminal wanted by the whole world. That’s the problem the lovable Kermit faces in this comedic caper.

3. Cloud 9-Cloud 9, is about a young female snowboarder, Kayla. Kicked off her team she is assigned to work at a dog shelter where she meets Will Cloud a famous snowboarder who left the sport after an embarrassing failure. Kayla wants to compete in the Fire and Ice competition and prove she is a great snowboarder but with everyone telling her she can’t make it she knows its going to be hard. With her mantra, “Nothing is impossible she enlists the help of Will, who she finally convinces to train her. Can she show she really has what it takes? Is nothing impossible?

4. Million Dollar Arm-Based on a true story sports agent, JB Bernstein, needs to find new clients to keep his business afloat. While watching cricket games on his t.v. an idea sparks. Creating a contest called “Million Dollar Arm” he finds two cricket playing youths, Rink Singh and Dinesh Patel, from India and begins to train them as Baseball Pitchers.  But nothing is ever easy. Having to adjust to a whole new culture, not to mention the difficulties of learning how to play America’s favorite game is a daunting task and these three will have to lean on one other and learn more about themselves and each other in order to make it.

5. Zapped- Boys can be annoying when they don’t do what you want them to. But as 16-year-old Zoey finds out there’s even an app for that. After what could only be described as a bad day,especially when her phone is dropped in the bathtub, thrown out a window, sides on a solar panel and ends up in her dogs food bowl, Zoey feels like it can’t get much worse. But the next day brings an interesting discovery; her dog training app doesn’t control dogs but boys. Everything is starting to look up until of course everything falls apart. This is a funny story about love, family, and accepting people for who they are not who we want them to be.

If you haven’t seen these movies try them out 🙂


Crunch Time

Brrrr, it’s getting cold out there, light snow is falling from the sky, and Thanksgiving is almost here, I guess the end of the semester is getting closer and closer. Where did the time go because it feels like it was just yesterday that everyone was enjoying welcome weekend and now we are picking classes for next semester. Many students, especially upper classmen have said that this semester was very difficult and has been stressing them out. However students should know that their professors care about them and want them to do well, but they must challenge us in their classes to make sure that we are prepared for after college. With only little over a few weeks left, I guess you can call this crunch time, where we really have to get more serious because of final exams, projects, and papers will be due, and we can’t  procrastinate or leave studying off for the last minute anymore or it will greatly affect our grades. Students just have to study hard, do their work, and if you need help, take advantage of the free tutoring in the lower level of Krasa or contact your professor. I hope everyone is having a great semester, lets finish it off strong!

Tips for Presenting

You will give so many presentations in college that hopefully they will become second nature to you. If you’re not a fan of them, unfortunately for you, there is no avioding them. As an aspiring teachers, I have had to learned to embrace presentations as a way to practice being comfortable in front of a classroom. Being able to present and speak in public is an incredibly valuable skill. I’ve put together a few tips to make your presentations run smoother.

  • DON’T READ OFF YOUR SLIDES (notes, board, etc.). Biggest pet peeve ever. Your audience can read! They will fall asleep if you don’t give them new information to listen to.
  • Look at the class. Looking at the class instead of your presentation will make you appear more confident and will keep your listeners be more engaged.
  • Keep PowerPoints short. Your PowerPoint is just there as a visual aid. Loading it with words and information just makes it visually unappealing and overwhelming to readers. Supplement what is on your PowerPoint wtih your own words.
  • Speak Slow, Move Around. If you tend to get nervous for presentations, you also probably tend to speak fast. This will run you short on time and make you hard to follow. Take a deep breathe before you begin each sentence to make sure you don’t rush through it. Also, moving during your presentation, even if it’s just your hands, will keep your audience engaged and help keep your energy up.
  • Look Spiffy. If you like nice, you will feel more confident. If you feel more confident, you will present better. Simple as that. Your audience will also admire how great you look.
  • Speak naturally. This is hard to do when you’re in front of a large group of people, but it’s the best way to come across like you know what you are talking about. Someone who is stiff does not look like they are comfortable with the material they are presenting.

No one is a perfect presenter and it is certainly not expected of you to sound like a world leader when you get up to speak. However, you can always refine your skills. The best advice I can give is to be the person presenting that you would want to listen to if you were in the audience.

Good luck and I’m routing for you!



Benedictine University Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s finally November, it’s getting chilly out, it’s almost Thanksgiving and the end of the fall semester is coming fast. Benedictine University is having the traditional Thanksgiving dinner for our faculty, students and their families. This is a great event for everyone to get together and be thankful for all the blessing in their lives. I personally love this event because it is great for students to bring their family and friends from home to visit you, look at the campus, see your dorm or apartment, and have dinner with you. This event can be convenient for residents who live far from their house or out of state who would be unable to go home for Thanksgiving break and enjoy a nice dinner with their family because they won’t miss a Thanksgiving meal. I think it is great that even our commuter students attend this event and bring their families. The dinner will be held upstairs in the cafeteria in Krasa November 20th and I have to say that the food and deserts are to die for and I recommend everyone to come.