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Crunch Time

Brrrr, it’s getting cold out there, light snow is falling from the sky, and Thanksgiving is almost here, I guess the end of the semester is getting closer and closer. Where did the time go because it feels like it was just yesterday that everyone was enjoying welcome weekend and now we are picking classes for next semester. Many students, especially upper classmen have said that this semester was very difficult and has been stressing them out. However students should know that their professors care about them and want them to do well, but they must challenge us in their classes to make sure that we are prepared for after college. With only little over a few weeks left, I guess you can call this crunch time, where we really have to get more serious because of final exams, projects, and papers will be due, and we can’t  procrastinate or leave studying off for the last minute anymore or it will greatly affect our grades. Students just have to study hard, do their work, and if you need help, take advantage of the free tutoring in the lower level of Krasa or contact your professor. I hope everyone is having a great semester, lets finish it off strong!


Benedictine University Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s finally November, it’s getting chilly out, it’s almost Thanksgiving and the end of the fall semester is coming fast. Benedictine University is having the traditional Thanksgiving dinner for our faculty, students and their families. This is a great event for everyone to get together and be thankful for all the blessing in their lives. I personally love this event because it is great for students to bring their family and friends from home to visit you, look at the campus, see your dorm or apartment, and have dinner with you. This event can be convenient for residents who live far from their house or out of state who would be unable to go home for Thanksgiving break and enjoy a nice dinner with their family because they won’t miss a Thanksgiving meal. I think it is great that even our commuter students attend this event and bring their families. The dinner will be held upstairs in the cafeteria in Krasa November 20th and I have to say that the food and deserts are to die for and I recommend everyone to come.

The Ben Union

The previous Fireside Lounge was renovated last year to make the now Ben Union, and from what I have seen, the change was well worth it.  The Ben Union is a great place to meet up with your friends or make new ones. There is always something to do in your spare time and it encourages our commuter population to stay longer after classes  so they can be more involved on campus. It is also used for school events and clubs and it is a fun environment to be in. There is a variety of games available for the Benedictine community such as: a billiard table, foosball, basketball, air hockey, Ping-Pong, board games and video games. Every time I walk through Krasa there is always someone either playing pool or studying for classes so everyone is benefitting from it. I am glad that the Ben Union is making the students’ college experience more enjoyable.

Greek Life at Benedictine University

There are so many benefits for having Greek life on campus, and it would greatly improve to the Benedictine community, especially for the residents. There would be no need for special housing since some schools have these organizations in basic dorms or apartments. Group activities and meetings can help students socialize, which could help those who are shy or first year students. Our school is very small compared to other universities and this would attract more potential incoming students.

It would be great to have fraternities and sororities because residents who go home to have fun with their friends on the weekends will have a reason to remain on campus to build friendships with their classmates which could last a lifetime. Instead of having cliques divided by sports and those who are not athletes are by themselves, giving the option of joining a fraternity would  combine these groups and tighten the bonds between fellow students. There have been many who suggest that there should be Greek life on campus and I believe that the university would greatly benefit from listening to them.

The Benedictine Bookstore

The Benedictine Bookstore is located on the first floor of Krasa. This is where students go to buy school apparel, supplies, materials required for class and lab, textbooks, electronics, and other items that can be used as gifts.  Although the bookstore has many great things to buy, I feel that it can improve by making more items available. There can be more variety between the designs on Benedictine wear that students will find appealing. There could be more clothing options available such as possibly ties or different style jackets, and more items that have our logo on them. It would really bring in more students, especially athletes if there were souvenirs that you would find at a professional sports stadium with the B or the eagle on them. More items that could be sold are small waste baskets, phone cases, and other items that our community can have  to show their school pride. Having more variety will impress people to look around and encourage them to buy something which will benefit the school financially. The bookstore has a good variety right now but just because we have a small campus, we are the fastest growing university in the country, and our bookstore can join us in this process.