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Getting Sick? What to do

During my time here at Benedictine I have been sick only a few times.  I have not had anything serious, but I have had the common cold and some stomach aches here and there.  In the Krasa Student Center we have a department known as Student Health Services and Counseling.  This department provides multiple nurses daily and the doctor comes in once a week.  Also we offer counselors in this department if you are having an emotional issue or just want to talk to someone in confidence.  The nurses can offer illness remedies and  some over the counter medicine, but the doctor can write prescriptions on the days he comes in.

Athlete have athletic trainers that they can go to for injuries and very minor illnesses.   However, the athletic trainers are limited to athletes only.


Want to live off campus, yet be away from home?

First of all, I live on campus and absoluetly love it.  I feel like I am closer to many of the people here at Benedictine because I live on campus.  I am not saying that commuters and residents are separate, but more times than not commuters are more familiar with other communters and residents are more familiar with other residents. Now, on to the question “Want to live off campus, yet be away from home?”

I know about 5 people that have houses off campus, however houses that have affordable rent and finding enough roommates that can aford the rent is pretty difficult.  I have visited these houses a few times and they are nice and comfortable, but it’s just a matter of affording it.

Another option many people pursue are apartments near campus yet off the actual Benedictine Campus.

Four Lakes on Maple Avenue provides pretty affordable condos and apartments.  I have a friend that lives in a studio in Four Lakes and his rent is about $900 a month. It’s a really nice place with a lot of amendities just a little pricey.

Also I have friends that live in Abbeywood Apartments and Greentrails Apartments.  They all have 4 roommates and the rent varies from $200-400 a person.  These places are really nice and within walking distance to school.

Two of the most outstanding drawbacks that I can think of are that you are not given a very big meal plan so you would have to do a lot of cooking and grocery shopping. Also, unlike Founders Woods’, the tenants of the off-campus apartments have to pay monthly utilities.

Benedictine Lingo

Many colleges have shorten names or abbreviations for places or things to do on campus.  Since I am a junior I am pretty familiar with a lot of the lingo and also have some of my own that I will share will you.  I will give you examples of conversations:

I live in the Jag- Jaeger hall

We are going to hang out in the Drak- Ondrak hall

Off to krasa for the rest of the night- Krasa Student Center basement to study

Wanna get Krasa for lunch- Second floor Krasa Student Center to eat lunch and dinner.

I’ll probably be heading to Founders this weekend- Hanging out in Founders’ Woods Apartments

Going to Rice to work out- Dan and Ada Rice Center

I got breakfast at the caf- The cafe inside Kindlon Hall

Who’s on duty this weekend?- Referring to what police officer is on duty this weekend

Is there open gym?- Is the Rice Center open to play basketball

I’m going to missed meals at Coal Ben- The period after Krasa stops serving food for dinner

How to avoid Freshman 15

Believe it or not the Freshman 15 is one of the biggest fears of college.  I’ll give you a few pretty simply steps to avoid the freshman 15:

1. Try not to eat heavily in between meals

2. Eat three meals a day.

3. Not eating will in fact make you gain wait.  So make sure you eat healthy.

4. We have a $6.7 million dollar fitness center. It’s better than 90% of D3 facilities in the country

5. We also offer group fitness classes every day at certain hours.  For example, zumba, yoga, butts and guts, and kickboxing.

Along with eating healthy, working out on a decent schedule will help you keep off the excess weight.

Our campus is small so it is not necessary to drive to every class.  Simply walking to class will also help keep off the freshman 15.  Basically maintain healthy habits and working out/staying active in college will help you maintain a desirable weight.

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What to Wear to Class?

I came from a very conservative Catholic High School in Peoria, Illinois.  I attended Peoria Notre Dame High School where the boys had to wear dress pants, a button down shirt, and a tie.  The girls had to wear button down shirts and dress pants.  The expectations in college are a little less than what I faced in high school.

Many of you that go/went to a public school have free choice on what to wear to class, and that is how it is in college as well.  On a day to day basis I wear sweat pants and a hoodie or jacket depending on the weather.  In the spring I rock shorts and a hoodie every day, weather pending of course.  Chicago is known as the windy city so i would bring a few jackets.  To be honest no one really cares what you wear just show up to class.

Although the professors do not mind what you wear it is important that you take something into account.  When you have presentations to give in class it is important that you ask your professor if your attire will be graded.  As a business major my attire is graded in some classes and on most presentations.  Most professors will not care, but you should clarify before your grade is effected adversely.

Overall it does not matter what you wear to class.  Just make sure you are as comfortable as possible.Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 12.06.02 PM