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Your First Speech

Hello all!

I have recently decided to take a speech class here at BenU. Usually I consider myself to be very social and comfortable with speaking my mind freely, planned speeches in front of a class, however, can be nerve-racking for me.  I think that prior to a speech or presentation I start to over think things and I psyche myself out.  Once I get going, I am perfectly fine. My first speech is due next week and I am getting a little nervous.  I’ve been thinking about good ways to prepare myself for speech class and public speaking in general and I’d like to share with you guys.

  • Make an outline – plan your topic before hand so that you can develop a good speech.
  • Have your professor go over your outline – your professor can edit your speech and give you advice on your presentation.
  • Make note cards – write down small bullet points that will help you along during your speech in case you forget your train of thought. Make sure to include main ideas only.
  • Do not read straight off of your note cards or powerpoint, it will get boring for your audience.
  • Practice your speech- practice with family members and friends multiple times, after a while you will have memorized the main ideas. After practicing it multiple times, you probably won’t be as nervous during the actual speech.
  • Timing – as you practice your speech, time yourself and make sure that are not going under or over the time limit. Remember if you have a short amount of time, keep you points short; you do not want to rush through a boatload of information in a 2 minute time slot. Take it slow.
  • Make sure it flows – reading your speech out loud will help you pick out parts of your speech that do not sound right.
  • Everyone in the class is probably as nervous as you –  your audience is full of your peers, they aren’t going to judge you. Plus, when they give their speeches, they’ll probably be just as nervous.
  • If you really want to improve your speaking skills, try to push yourself outside of your comfort zone!
    • You have to try new things! Face your fears and try joining things that require speaking in front of others like becoming an officer of a club, giving tours at your school, or joining a speech  club or drama club. There are numerous ways that you can get out of your comfort zone!

Drift to the Trift

While sitting in the office with my fellow student bloggers, my friend Erica and I began discusses Plato’s Closet. A thrifty store that Erica had never been to. I Then went on to talk about their awesome deals and endless amounts of jeans, all for a good price. I then realized that many of us college fashionistas have a tight budget and some you may need some tips on where to find the best deals. I’m here to help.

1. Plato’s Closet

Like I previously stated, Plato’s has a crazy amount of gently warn jeans, many are popular brands!  I have trendy pair of skinny jeans from wet seat that were only $7 and I have seen some jeans from American Eagle and Aeropastale for as low as $15. Other than jeans galore, Plato’s has  a wide selection of tops, sweaters, hoodies, bags, shoes, and so much more, all for a good price and perfect for the fashion season.

2. Savers

Saver is a great thrift store to check out if you need….anything really. They have everything you can think of, mainly clothing items, but a huge selection of dishware, utensils, books, art, scarves, hats, shoes, etc.

3. Goodwill

Macklemore shops here. Why not you?

There are a few other good thrift shops in the Naperville area that are just waiting for you to visit:

Thriftique, Serendipity, Restyle, and Resale Connection! All of these stores are in the Lisle/Naperville area, check ’em out!

Hungry for Hunger Games

Dear fellow tributes,

As the 2nd installment of the Hunger Games approaches everyone is scrambling to buy their midnight show tickets. I just had to share my excitement for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with you. I must admit that I watched the first movie before reading the books. Reading the books was so worth it. Many are even re-reading the whole series prior to watching the second film; that’s true dedication right there. Just wanted to remind you to buy your tickets ahead of time for the midnight show! I tell you what I thought of the movie afterward, so get your mockingjay pins ready!

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here’s a link!

Welcome Weekend!

Last year when I was a freshman, Welcome Weekend 2012 was one of the most exciting events I had ever attended. The football team helped during move-in, student ambassadors got us excited for all of the activities going on and they were always there to answer any and all questions. I met so many new friends who I became close with throughout the year, I found my way around the school, and I got to see the All America Rejects and Neon Trees perform. It was awesome!

I didn’t think any other college experience could top that weekend until Welcome Weekend 2013 arrived. This year I was a New Student Ambassador, following in the footsteps of my NSA’s. Looking back I can honestly say it was one of the best weekends I have ever had.  As an NSA, I was able to provide a great experience for the freshmen by getting them pumped up for events and answering their questions about BenU and college in general, the questions I once had myself. The rewarding experience of helping incoming students break out of their shells wasn’t the only thing I loved about Welcome Weekend; the people I met made the weekend even better. My fellow NSA’s have become like a family to me and every time I see them around campus it’s like a family reunion. I see the students that were in my group around, hanging out with the same kids they met at Welcome Weekend, all with smiles on their faces. We all had a blast creating fun events for the incoming students. With all of the events, such as ice breakers, skits, Playfair, Eagle walk, Eagle fest, bonfire, Plain White T’s concert, and so much more, it’s hard to choose a favorite!

Why am I telling you how amazing Welcome Weekend is?

Because I want you to go. This is not a false advertisement, Welcome Weekend really IS epic.  If you’re an incoming freshman, I recommend attending all of the Welcome Weekend events! The incoming students from my group that went to all of the events loved it. They met so many new people going through the same things, feeling the same butterflies and eagerness to start the year off right.  If you’re not a freshman and you want to be apart of Welcome Weekend, become a New Student Ambassador! It’s such a great opportunity to be a leader and help welcome the new students.

It’s really hard to capture my experience with Welcome Weekend 2013 in a single blog. When thinking back to Welcome Weekend, my first time as an NSA, I can’t help but feel extremely happy because I was introduced to so many wonderful people, both NSA’s and freshmen who I have become great friends with. There’s also a rewarding feeling knowing that you were there to help someone start such a huge chapter of their life.

Scramble for Space

As an incoming freshman, your housing and classes are all set up for you.

Once you are near your second semester, it is time for you to choose your second semester classes and your room for the next year!

So all of you the second semester freshman, sophomores, and juniors, many of you already know the stress and worry over picking out your own class schedule and housing for your next semester; for those of you who don’t know, I’m going to tell you the easiest ways to get the classes and residence hall rooms that you want!

1. Plan ahead. When you are deciding what classes to take next semester, get your major checklist out and map out your classes. Use the fake schedule sheet to plan out your classes day by day to make sure none of your classes overlap. If you have time, make a four year plan; I did, and it is really helpful.

2. Check with your adviser and have them approve your picks! Have your adviser check over your four year plan too.

3. Before the actual registration date, keep checking to make sure your classes aren’t full and make sure that you have a few back-up classes in case you are waitlisted.

4. On the day of registration you have to click the register button at 7:oo a.m. on the dot, so make sure you get up at least 10 minutes before and countdown!

Picking a room for the next year can be a rough process, but if you do  it right, it’s a piece of cake.

1. Do not start asking people to live with you too early. You might find someone who seems like a good fit early on in the year and later find out they aren’t for you. Give it time and everything will fall into place.

2. Planning your future roommates can cause groups of friends to drift apart, so don’t start planning too soon in the year.

3. Once the date of picking your roommates and residence hall room approaches, speak with your close friends and decide who will be living together. Plan out which residence hall you will be rooming in and select your room. Make a back up list of rooms in case the one you want gets taken.

4. And again, the day of the room selection, get all of your friends together about 10 minutes before the final selection and count down! Then when the time comes to select the room, click that button!

Everything should work out for you if you are flexible, you plan ahead, have a few backup plans. Don’t stress out 🙂