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What you should do as a freshmen in college!

As a freshmen in college, there are few steps you must or at least attempt to take to make your college experience more enjoyable and successful. In my opinion there are three main steps that should be taken during your first year in college. The first step would be organization. As a freshmen you will realize that it is very difficult to stay organized but is very important to become a master at organizing, the second step would be time management which is another skill that will help you throughout your whole college experience and life in general and lastly the third step would be getting involved as much as you can.

Being organized is one of the most important skills to have in college, being organized makes you a better person and better student. There are many ways that you can be organized, it can be something simple just as labeling all your folders to having a calendar. I personally have a calendar hung on my wall right in front of my desk so that I can keep an eye on it just in case if I have something to take care of. Now a days everyone has a smart phone, so one great way of using it is having reminders set. The new generation seems to be able to live without their cell phone, so in that case you will always have a way to be organized.

The second most important step that should be taken during your first year of college and throughout your whole college career. The second step is time management, when you master time management you will be able to enjoy your college experience  much more. It wont only help you in school but will also prepare you for the future. Once you graduate from college and begin to work in the real world you will need to manage your time and make sure to schedule things appropriately.


Why should you visit a School??

There are many reasons for why you should visit a school before actually saying yes to them! Many reasons why freshmen end up transferring out after their first semester or year is because they actually never came to visit the school. Visiting the school gives you an opportunity to see what a normal day at the school is like. Sometimes you may even have the opportunity to stay the night and get to see what goes on at the campus when there are no classes.

It is also a great way to meet current students; no one knows the university better than the current students. When you talk to the current students that attend Benedictine or any other university they can tell you what they think of the school, or even the pros and cons. Just from that information you can get a good idea on if you’re going to like it or not. Also when you go to visit the school, you get the chance to meet professors that may be helpful if you attend the university.

Let’s say you are an athlete in high school and want to continue playing that sport in college. When you go to visit the school you can get a chance to speak with the coach and learn more about the sport. You can once again meet the current athletes that are participating in the sport that you are interested in. Sometimes you are able to stay the night with the athlete in their room during the weekend. Usually if you are recruited they allow you to do so.

With all these reasons, you should take many aspects in consideration when you are looking into a school. Make sure that you actually like it there, don’t just go there because of money, yes I agree money is a big part of it but so is you enjoying the next four or more years. You want to make sure that you feel like you are at home and welcomed. Another major thing is to make sure they have your major that you plan on going for and a back up major. To end this, the most important thing you must do is visit the school!

How to have the best college experience!

Many incoming freshmen believe that the only way to have the best college experience is to party with the upper classmen. This statement is not true, yes I do agree that you should go out but its not only about that. One of the biggest ways you can get the best college experience is by staying on campus either in an apartment or in a resident building. By not staying on campus where ever you go or even move out you will not have a different experience. It will just be the same as it was during high school. Yes, you would be able to go out while being home, but being on your own and living on your own you will build responsibilities and maturity.

Another way you can make your college experience the best by getting involved. Where ever you go on campus there is always something you can do, either its a club or just some volunteer work. There are many clubs that are available for you to join and meet new people. By joining clubs and getting involved you will be able to meet people who may be helpful in the future. You can also join a sport or play intramural sports. The benefit of being at Benedictine University is that if you get a few friends together that share the same interest or would like to you can create a club of your own!

The Benefits of smaller College campus’s over larger ones.

When I was looking into colleges during my senior year of high school I came across one of the biggest decisions that I would have to take in my life. I put many things into consideration and thought about many pros and cons between two different schools. One thing I had to think about was  between a small campus or large campus. After coming to Benedictine University, I tell myself all the time that I made the best decision in my life to choose a small campus. There are many benefits for going to a smaller campus rather than a larger one.

One main benefit is that you would be able to know more people. When going into college, it can be hard to make new friends. When I first came to Benedictine University, you would see everyone more than once a day. I made so many new friends just because of the small school size. I talked to some of my cousins that go to University of Chicago  (UIC) in the city and they said that they don’t really meet new people. They hang out with the same people on a daily basis, either they met before they went to UIC or they randomly met at a party. It can be quiet hard to make friends, when coming to Benedictine University I had the biggest opportunity to meet new students that are my best friends now, and met many people who can help me get far in life.

Another benefit is that you will have small class sizes. In college, it  is very important to know your professor as well as your professor knowing you by name and not by a number. Also the professors will be teaching, there will be no teacher assistants in the classroom. They would be there just to help out during labs. Also your advisers know each of their students well and help them through out the whole process while they are a student at the University. Also you would be able to have an individual designed major along with hands on opportunities.

Misconceptions about college!

  1. When many people first come into college, they think that college is difficult, impossible and stressful. Yes it is difficult and stressful but never is it impossible nor is anything in life impossible. Also the difficulty and stress level can be avoided. The way to avoid all of this is to work hard. Don’t fall behind and always ask questions. If you leave things for the last minute then you are going to be stressed for sure.
  2. They also think that college is going to be all about parties, that thought is true and false at the same time, there are parties if you want them but remember to be smart about it. I have seen many students that have a bright future ahead of them, and they ruin it with one mistake of going to a party. College can be a fun experience, it is possible to have a great time while studying .
  3. Another misconception is that the dorms are great, as a freshmen I remember that my first thought about living on campus was to live in a big dorm that had a lot of space and would feel like my own little apartment. Many of the freshmen thought that the life in a dorm would mean to have a bunch of money and a tons of fun. I soon came to realize that dorms are not that great compared to living at home, sure it had its benefits. You do have freedom but you also have many responsibilities.
  4.   Students think that the classes that you will take only are for your major but that is a false thought because you will take classes which are known as gen eds which will most likely have nothing to do with your major. If you are a science major, do not forget your math or any other subject that you did in high school. I am an math major but still have history classes as well as a fine arts class which is a gen ed that is needed.

Before heading into college, which is a new life to everyone, make sure you ask questions to those who you meet at visits and major events. It is better to be prepared before going into college than realizing all of these misconceptions half way through the year.