Comfort Foods You Need In Your Life

If you are like me, the next 2-3 weeks of school will be the most stressful time of the semester. Professors like to cram every important thing that is due for the week before finals, which means the word relaxation is no longer in your vocabulary until winter break. On top of that, finals are coming up soon AND the weather is becoming chillier by the day. So what’s the solution to all of this stress? Delicious food. Here are some easy comfort foods and drinks you can whip up to warm your belly and your heart (and maybe take the stress away for a moment).

Pumpkin Chili (or any chili): This recipe is easy because all you really need to do is throw all the ingredients into one pot. Using ground turkey in the chili is a healthier option to ground beef (so you can eat more of it.) The pumpkin adds extra flavor, smoothness, vitamins, and is perfect for the season.


Hot Chocolate: This one is pretty obvious, but there are ways you can spice it up to make it even more comforting. I like to add a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg for a cozier flavor. Also, my roommate and I discovered that putting in a little bit of flavored coffee creamer (pumpkin spice, French vanilla, peppermint, etc.) is the easiest way to make delicious flavored hot chocolate.

Minestrone Soup: In my opinion, this is the soup of all soups. Its filled with tons of healthy vegetables and beans so your body will thank you for eating it. Not only is it healthy, but it’s delicious and filling in all of its Italian glory.


Lasagna: You can’t go wrong with a good lasagna. its filled with melty, delicious cheese and hearty meat sauce. All you need is ricotta cheese, tomato sauce, ground beef, and shredded mozerella. Cook frozen spinach and add it to the ricotta mixture so you can get your vegetables in.


Grilled Cheese & Tomato soup: This is the definition of comfort food. It’s like a hug in food form. And there’s tons of ways you can spice it up. Add some ham or turkey to your grilled cheese for extra protein. For an Italian grilled cheese, use provolone or mozarella cheese and add spinach.

 Apple Crisp: Definitely one of easiest, coziest desserts out there. Not to mention it will leave your kitchen smelling like heaven. And its healthy if it has apples in it right? 😉


Remember that your mental health is always more important than your school work. Hopefully these foods can help you to relax and put things back into perspective.

Tis’ the season for getting plump!


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