DIY Thanksgiving Crafts

Express your gratitude and appreciation this Thanksgiving in the form of a creative Thanksgiving craft! Spiff up your dorm room with fun and easy decorative ideas for the holiday. Here are some ideas:

What to do with a clear glass vase:

– Fill it up with a layer of dried corn and beans and add a candle. Voila! A simple and decorative piece that can be set in any part of your dorm room.
– Add a popping color of oranges, reds and browns with plastic pumpkins
– Fill up the case with popcorn kernels and insert a candle for the perfect touch
– Any type of artificial flowers and branches (my favorite are branches with wine colored berries)…with fall colors of course!
– The possibilities are endless!

What’s on my list this year, is to whip up a Turkey Tulle Wreath that will be the perfect touch for my entrance door! Here’s what you’ll need:

– 2 small Styrofoam balls (about the size of Ping-Pong balls)
– 1 small Styrofoam cone
– 3 toothpicks
– 1 Styrofoam wreath
– 50-75 yards of tulle on a spool (or you can buy tulle on the yard and cut it to size) in a few different colors- like red, orange, and yellow brown yarn
– 1 sheet of red craft foam
– Black & yellow acrylic paint
– Paintbrushes
– Glue gun


1) First, paint the pupils on the eyeballs and paint the cone (beak). Set them to dry (you can do this by sticking them in a spare Styrofoam wreath using toothpicks)

2) Wrap 1/3 of the wreath in brown yarn. This is not hard at all, but it’s tedious. Just wrap around and around, keeping the yarn tight so none of the wreath shows through. Tie the yarn off and cut off the excess when you’re done. Next, cut your tulle.

3) For “feathers” tie 5 pieces of each color, and alternated the 3 colors all the way around the remaining 2/3 of the wreath.

4) Insert toothpicks into each eye and the beak and insert them into the wreath, in the middle of the brown yarn. If you haven’t figured this out by now, the yarn is the turkey’s body.

5) Finally, fold a piece of red craft foam in half and cut out the waddle, making sure to make it skinny at the top (where the fold is).

6) You’ll drape the waddle over the beak and secure it with hot glue.

Finally, all done…hope you try these crafts out and ENJOY(:


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