Benedictine University Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s finally November, it’s getting chilly out, it’s almost Thanksgiving and the end of the fall semester is coming fast. Benedictine University is having the traditional Thanksgiving dinner for our faculty, students and their families. This is a great event for everyone to get together and be thankful for all the blessing in their lives. I personally love this event because it is great for students to bring their family and friends from home to visit you, look at the campus, see your dorm or apartment, and have dinner with you. This event can be convenient for residents who live far from their house or out of state who would be unable to go home for Thanksgiving break and enjoy a nice dinner with their family because they won’t miss a Thanksgiving meal. I think it is great that even our commuter students attend this event and bring their families. The dinner will be held upstairs in the cafeteria in Krasa November 20th and I have to say that the food and deserts are to die for and I recommend everyone to come.

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