NFL Updates

So this week I was pretty excited to watch my favorite team, the New England Patriots, play against the team that I don’t like too much due to the quarterback of that team which is Peyton Manning. Last night, the score was 43-27, Patriots did an amazing job in playing like the best football team that they are. Whereas, the Broncos all we saw were mistakes including two interceptions, one sack, and missed a field goal. Most of the time we saw poor Manning sitting on the sidelines reviewing his playbook for majority of the time throughout the game and when he would come out on the field, he’d either move forward toward the goal or he’d just make it to 4th down and make a mistake. This game was one that really showed how bad Manning’s game play is. But all we can say is right now to just celebrate Tom Brady’s achievement to making his 200th season of being a starting quarterback.

The upcoming games that the New England Patriots will be going against are

Week 10=bye week

Week 11=Colts at 8:30pm Sunday

Week 12=Lions at 1:00pm Sunday

Week 13= Packers at 4:25pm Sunday

Week 14=Chargers at 8:30pm Sunday

Week 15=Dolphins at 1:00pm Sunday

Week 16=Jets at 1:00pm Sunday

Week 17= Bills at 1:00pm Sunday


So Patriots fans lets win and be contenders of the playoffs and win this years Superbowl!!!!



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