The Ben Union

The previous Fireside Lounge was renovated last year to make the now Ben Union, and from what I have seen, the change was well worth it.  The Ben Union is a great place to meet up with your friends or make new ones. There is always something to do in your spare time and it encourages our commuter population to stay longer after classes  so they can be more involved on campus. It is also used for school events and clubs and it is a fun environment to be in. There is a variety of games available for the Benedictine community such as: a billiard table, foosball, basketball, air hockey, Ping-Pong, board games and video games. Every time I walk through Krasa there is always someone either playing pool or studying for classes so everyone is benefitting from it. I am glad that the Ben Union is making the students’ college experience more enjoyable.

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