Greater Chicago Food Depository

If you choose to participate on a sport’s team here, you will have to do some sort of volunteer work as a team. This year, we decided to volunteer at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Doing volunteer work at the Greater Chicago Food Depository, a nonprofit food distribution and training center, with my team was a very positive and gaining experience. The Food Depository is made up of 650 pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and more.It began with an introduction explaining the type of work we were to be doing and talking about the participating types/brands of food that they package and donate.They also explained the various places that they donate to. Something I learned that I liked in particular about this organization was how this organization picks up perishable foods from different grocers and immediately delivers them to food pantries and other places in need. By doing this, they save a large sum of food from going to waste. As of this year alone, they have saved 12 million pounds of food from going to waste.

It was my first time being there, and I really liked the atmosphere and structure of the organization. The work was very team-based, making the experience more enjoyable by creating a competitive yet fun environment. At the same time, it also made it easier to get more work done and reach the set goal for that day of how many items they needed packaged (in our case it was carrots). In my group of people, we divided up the work of packaging carrots by designating people to different roles. My role included sorting through the carrots to omit the spoiled ones from being packaged. However, some people in my group would put more carrots on the table to be sorted, grab new boxes to package the carrots into, seal up and stamp the boxes, or bring full loads to the appropriate place in the storage area. By working so efficiently, we went above and beyond the goal of the amount of carrots that needed to be packaged for the day.  All in all, I am very happy I had the opportunity to volunteer at this Food Depository and learn what their mission was about.

All in all, take advantage of possibly revisiting the place your team volunteers at or trying a different place. Not only does it give you volunteer work that you can add to your resume and etc., but it also gives you the satisfaction of contributing to a good cause.


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