The Hunts

Luckily being near the Chicago area, I was able to see one of my favorite bands at a tavern in Chicago one night with my best friend…although I might say after having gone to their concert that they are probably now probably my top band since they were absolutely amazing live! So, let me start by telling you about The Hunts since they are not a very well known band. The Hunts is actually a family band, with the youngest one being 18 and the oldest 24 and their music genre would be classified as indie-folk. They are from Chesapeake, Virginia and are currently on their first official tour. All together, there are 7 of them,-two of them being twin girls-Jessi and Jenni, and their five brothers Josh, Jonathan, Jordan, Justin, and Jamison (boys oldest to youngest).

It’s fair to say that musical talent definitely runs in their family. From a young age, they learned to play the violin from their mother while their father taught them how to play the guitar. They first played a variety of songs, ranging from classics to Disney. However, now the songs they play and the songs on their album are written by them. They are about personal experiences and I feel that for that reason their emotions could really be felt in each song and made them that much more powerful and moving. They were strongly encouraged by their mom to try any new instrument they took an interest in-which really makes their music that much more unique as instruments involved include the tambourine, ukulele, drums, guitar, banjo, and more. After 2007, they branched out from playing locally to playing at different gigs in other states. They would literally pack up and hit the road as a family and travel to whatever state they would be performing in. In late 2012, they met up with a producer, made their first album called We Were Young, featuring one of their biggest songs “Make this Leap”.

“Make this Leap” was the first song I ever heard by them and the song that made me fall in love with this band, so ultimately it is my favorite. I suggest you try listening to it if you are into indie-folk music to see what you think! However, I learned from the concert that the song “Lifting the Sea” (my second favorite song) has to do with their time spent in Haiti where they lead a music camp for children. Not only did they sing the song in English, but they also sang it in creole (language of Haiti) as taught by the kids in the camp.

I can honestly say that they were by far the best band I have ever seen perform live. They sounded just like they do on their album, if not better, and that is rarely the case with bands. I was just blown away. Their enthusiasm and passion for their music carried through and you could just tell they were beyond excited to be performing. After the show we were able to talk to them, which if you couldn’t already guess I was super pumped about! Even better, when talking to them you could just tell how thankful and appreciative they were of each and every one of their fans. My friend and I chatted with the twins and Josh (lead singer) for awhile after the show. We talked to Josh the longest and learned a lot about their writing process for their songs, and just random information in general-which was super sweet. And, of course I seized the opportunity to get a picture with all of them and have my poster signed. All in all, it was an unforgettable experience and totally worth it even though I had a 6:00 a.m. workout in the morning for cross country.

In case you are interested in this band, and have made it though my long obsessive blog on how much I love them, her is a link to their website – They will be in Batavia soon, so check them out!


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