Greek Life at Benedictine University

There are so many benefits for having Greek life on campus, and it would greatly improve to the Benedictine community, especially for the residents. There would be no need for special housing since some schools have these organizations in basic dorms or apartments. Group activities and meetings can help students socialize, which could help those who are shy or first year students. Our school is very small compared to other universities and this would attract more potential incoming students.

It would be great to have fraternities and sororities because residents who go home to have fun with their friends on the weekends will have a reason to remain on campus to build friendships with their classmates which could last a lifetime. Instead of having cliques divided by sports and those who are not athletes are by themselves, giving the option of joining a fraternity would  combine these groups and tighten the bonds between fellow students. There have been many who suggest that there should be Greek life on campus and I believe that the university would greatly benefit from listening to them.

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