So, in my opinion,  the greatest sport is XC (Cross Country). Not only because of our amazing ability to run a copious amount of miles,  but also for our family like atmosphere. We love each other and actually want to be around one another. So, in order to make our 2014 newbies feel accepted and awkward we decided to have an event. We called it the XC Formal/ Homecoming and this is how it went.
So a girl picked a boy(some had two boys) that they didn’t know well. (So, like newbies asked returner or vice versa) and we had to think of a fun way to ask them.
On our way back from our St Louis meet the a.c. broke and it was a bazillion degrees so we decided to ask them then to take their minds off of everything.  So each girl, one by one, went to the front of the coach bus and grabbed the mic.
Here is how we asked them:
-Tatiana,  a transfer Junior asked our 5th year senior, Mark: “Would you come running if I asked you to homecoming?”
-I am a returner sophomore and I asked a freshman named Joe and a junior named Mo: “Your names rhyme. We’ll have a good time. Mo and Joe will you go to homecoming with me?”
-Lizzie is also a returner sophomore and she asked a freshman named Marquis: “So um Marquis! Um will you go to homecoming with me?”
-Hayley, a transfer Junior asked a freshman named TJ: she played the song “I like big butts and I can not lie” then asked, “I like big butts and I cannot lie. Will your booty go to homecoming with me?”
-Sherry, a returner junior asked a freshman named Eric. He is the cripple of our team and had to have crutches: “I know you’re crippled,  but can I be your crutch for the night? ”
-Sarah, our returner junior,  asked freshman, Christian, and senior,  Timmy: “All night we can shimmy. Will you go to homecoming with me Christian and Timmy?”
-Emma, our fifth year captain,  asked a freshman named Drew. She rapped this lovely poem :

“My name is Emma.
I have a dilemma.
I’m in need of a date.
One that won’t be late.
Your laugh is squeaky.
But hey I’m not picky.
You may be young.
But my bell you rung.
Your hometown is Bolingbrook.
But I know you’re no crook.
My rhymes may be of no use.
But in the words of Dr. Seuss.
I’m asking you, Drew.
Would homecoming you do?”
Julie, our senior Captain, asked freshman Matt because apparently he looks like Chris Derrick (she’s in love with him): “You’re not quite Chris Derrick, but I guess you’ll do. Will you go to homecoming with me Matt?”
Rachel (rachscianna11) is a junior that asked her boyfriend who is also a junior on the team, Chris by writing it in Bacon.
Natalie who is a senior also asked her senior boyfriend Evan.
When the night finally came, everyone dressed up looking super fine! We took team photos at the sloop then drove to Lou mantis.  We were completely over dressed and looked like we were going to Lisle High School’s homecoming, but we rocked it. We stuffed our faces with delicious pizza and had the times of our lives! Here are some picture from that night.
Our lovely men’s XC team.
This is what happens when you ask the guys to take pictures.
So this is creepy.  The four of us got stranded on the side of the road a couple weeks back and then we were the only ones to wear blue. Also, without realizing it, we stood in a pattern! Gasp!
Selfie game strong in front of Lou mantis.
My “date” lol Mo ended up switching on me  :/
Rachel (rachscianna11) and her bf, Chris! ❤
Girls team…#wecantwalkinheels #orflats
Our graduating runners…minus one.
How classy are we?
In the end we were missing five teammates because of other priorities, 1 girl and 4 guys. But that doesn’t matter lol they suck and we got pizza! 🙂


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