UNICEF/S.E.E.Ds Smashing Pumpkins Event

Didn’t do well on your midterms? Got into a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Are you feeling angry or frustrated? Well we are creating just the event for you on November 6th; Smashing pumpkins! UNICEF and S.E.E.Ds its hosting a smashing pumpkin event where all money raised will go towards supporting UNICEF’s Trick-or-Treat campaign, a general fund that supports UNICEF’s work in over 190 countries! All pumpkins will cost $2. After the event is over, S.E.E.D’s will dispose all the remains in the garden across Nuezel Hall this way we dispose all the remains in a friendly matter. The event will go on from 11am-2pm, so if you have time, please come out and smash a pumpkin with us and also release the stress!

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