The Benedictine Bookstore

The Benedictine Bookstore is located on the first floor of Krasa. This is where students go to buy school apparel, supplies, materials required for class and lab, textbooks, electronics, and other items that can be used as gifts.  Although the bookstore has many great things to buy, I feel that it can improve by making more items available. There can be more variety between the designs on Benedictine wear that students will find appealing. There could be more clothing options available such as possibly ties or different style jackets, and more items that have our logo on them. It would really bring in more students, especially athletes if there were souvenirs that you would find at a professional sports stadium with the B or the eagle on them. More items that could be sold are small waste baskets, phone cases, and other items that our community can have  to show their school pride. Having more variety will impress people to look around and encourage them to buy something which will benefit the school financially. The bookstore has a good variety right now but just because we have a small campus, we are the fastest growing university in the country, and our bookstore can join us in this process.

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