Basketball Season Begins!

Finally at last! Basketball season is right around the corner! After last season many things changed and players shift from one team to another. Some become free agents and others start to play for teams that no one expected to see. The biggest unexpected move was when Lebron James decided to end his contract with Miami Heat and start playing again for his home town Cavaliers.  With that change, Chicago Bulls also gained an advantage player, Pau Gasol. With his addition in the team every Chicago Bull fan (including myself) could not wait to see the duo of Gasol and Noah.  When the pre-season started the anticipation of seeing these two great players together was over and something greater had started.  The greatest game was Cavaliers vs. Bulls where we saw Derrick Rose scored 20 points in 13 minutes, making every Chicago Bull fan proud of his comeback in the game. Another big change was Deng getting traded into Miami Heat. This change was unexpected from many fans due to the fact that Chicago and Miami players always had some feud going on between each other.  This season kicks off with San Antonio hosting Dallas. At the same time time our first game in Chicago is against the Cavaliers and Lebron James. With this match we are extra pumped to see what this season has to bring with many changes in the process. Personally I do not believe that Chicago is capable of winning it all but I believe that we can make it farther in the season then we have in the past years. Let’s Go Bulls! #Bullsnation!

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