How to Write a Proper E-mail

Everyone is used to quick communication. Send a text and you’ll most likely get a reply in seconds. However, the world still utilizes e-mails. Whether you’re sending one to a professor or your boss, there are appropriate ways to write an e-mail. Here’s some tips.

  • Always Start with a Friendly Greeting. Begin your e-mail with a “good morning”, “good evening”, “hello”, etc. It’s a testament of your manners. Plus, they’ll know you’re serious and polite. 
  • Address the Recipient with the Right Name. Be sure that you spell his or her name right–it shows you actually know or looked them up. Use the right titles such as Ms., Mr., Dr., etc. You should be mindful of how you address whomever you’re sending the e-mail to in order to be respectful.
  • Type in Paragraph Form. Every new idea should be divided into paragraphs (which are 3-5 sentences long). Block messages are unprofessional and convoluted. Writing in paragraphs will show that you’re organized, capable of sorting through your thoughts.
  • Check Your Spelling. In the modern world, accessibility to spell-checking programs (built-in or downloaded) and/or dictionaries is easy. Spelling errors indicate lack of consideration and care. You may not convey what you actually want the recipient to receive. 
  • Get to Your Point. Don’t add unnecessary information into your e-mail. Add what needs to be said. Add important, relevant information in a clear, concise way. 
  • Use Appropriate Language. Don’t use slang in your e-mail. It’s unprofessional and could be perceived as rude. Choose your words wisely.
  • End with Gratitude. Before signing your name for the e-mail, first put a “thank you for your time”, “much appreciated”, “in gratitude”, etc. It’ll show your politeness. Also, they’ll know that you did put consideration into the e-mail.
  • Sign with Your Full Name (exclude middle name if not used often). Don’t sign the e-mail with a shortening of your name. It may confuse the recipient. Nicknames are reserved for people you are close with. Professional e-mails require your actual name. 

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