Cheap and easy Halloween costumes

On a college students budget, spending tons of money on costumes is not a good idea because you will only wear that costume one night. Which is why Pinterest should become your best friend this time of year! Pinterest has so many ideas! I will share some cheap, cute, and easy ones I found. Hope you find one you like!

Costumes for girls

  • Minnie mouse: a black top, red skirt with white polka dots, minnie mouse ears and a black nose
  • Barton Bellas:  if you are a fan of pitch perfect and you and your friends or roommates need an easy costume this is super easy! All you need is blue matching skirts and cardigans or blazers, white tank top, a floral scarf, and heels.
  • Audrey Hepburn: one of the easiest, a black dress, black gloves, pearl necklace, black sun glasses, a fake long cigarette.
  • Three blind mice: black dress, black ears, black sun glasses, and a cane.
  • Sun drop girl: Sun drop t shirt, jean shorts, red headband, and converse.

audrey hepburn










Costumes for guys

  • Lumberjack: flanel, jeans, and a beard.
  • Super hero: pretty much any t shirt of the super hero and jeans.
  • Greaser: jeans, white t shirt, leather jacket, converse, and a comb with hair greased back.
  • Farmer: Cowboy hat, boots, jeans, plaid shirt, belt with large buckle.
  • Mario and Luigi: overalls, either a green or red shirt, and just buy either a Mario and Luigi hat.

Also, if you go to a halloween store, don’t forget to ask for student discounts or look up coupons online!


minnie mousemario and luigibellas

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