What You Need to Know About Living In Founder’s

One of the many advantages of being an upperclassmen on campus is that your living arrangements tend to improve significantly. Gone are the days where you have to share showers with your entire floor in a building filled with only one gender. As a junior here, I have lived in Jaeger Hall, Neuzil Hall, and now currently am residing in Founder’s Woods. This means I have seen it all in terms of Benedicitine living situations. Many students wonder if it is worth it to make the jump into the apartments their junior and senior year. Here are some things that could help you make your decision.

  • Founder’s is a VERY significant update from Neuzil. If you don’t know already, Neuzil is one of the oldest buildings on campus. This means that not everything is up-to-date, especially the bathrooms. Also, instead of sharing a bathroom with 4 other people, In Founder’s only 2 people share one. You also share a washer with only 4 other people, not an entire building.
  • You will have a further walk. One blessing of Jaeger is that you are right in the middle of campus and and have a 5 minute walk basically to anywhere you need to go. Founder’s is located in the back of campus, so Kindlon and Birck are fairly short walks, but Scholl and Rice could take you a while. This means athletes like myself need to plan ahead and give themselves more time to get to practice.
  • You will need to learn how to cook! Most people who live in Founder’s do not get a meal plan with their tuition because each apartment is equipped with a very nice kitchen to cook with. This could be a problem if you don’t know how to shop for groceries and what to do to make a meal with those groceries. You will have electric burners and an oven, a microwave, a sink, dishwasher, and cabinets and drawers for storage. Some apartments choose to make a cooking schedule (each person chooses a night to cook dinner for eveyone). This can save you money. But, if your roommates all have varying diets like mine, you might just choose to make your own food. You DO NOT get a kitchen garbage can, so buy one. I recommend splitting up the kitchen utensils and necessities amoung your roommates. (One person bring silverware, another plates and bowls, another pots and pans, another tin foil and tupperware, etc.)
  • Alcohol Permit. If three out of four members of your apartment are 21 and over, you have the option of obtaining an alcohol permit so that those who are over 21 may drink in the apartment. The cost for this permit is about 100$ or 25$ per person.
  • It will cost you a little more. Founder’s is a little under a $1,ooo more than the freshman dorms and around $500 more than Neuzil. However, this balances out if you don’t get the meal plan associated with the dorms, which is $1,340. So, if you are a smart shopper and can cook on a budget, you can actually save money by living in Founder’s. Washing and drying is also free and is conveniently placed in the kitchen behind a door.
  • Mail is different. You will no longer have a mailbox in the basement of Krasa. Instead, your small mail will be placed in the clubhouse in your mailbox and everything must be addressed differently. Packages are still picked up from Krasa mailroom just as before.

Hopefully this information will help you decide whether Founder’s is right for you! I know my experience has been a positive one thus far.


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