Apps, Apps, Apps!

Need some games to pass time? Need a new way to message friends? Need help with studying?

There’s (probably) an app for that! 🙂

Games Apps:

  • QuizUp
    • QuizUp is a multi-player trivia game where you can compete against friends or strangers to answers questions of certain categories like Disney, Spelling, Logos, etc.
  • 2048
    • In this surprisingly addictive app, you join the same numbers that’ll merge into one. Your goal s to get the 2048 tile. It’s not as easy as it seems.
  • Paperama
    • Love origami or ever wanted to try it? Here’s an app that’ll allow you to fold paper sheets to create origami figures. You must follow the instructions as precise as possible to pass.

Messengers Apps:

  • GroupMe
    • This app is great for you to connect with friends and family massively. It’s easy for you to create groups for particular persons you need to contact. It’s exceptionally helpful if you are in charge of any organizations and clubs to stay in touch with your fellow members.
  • LINE
    • LINE allows you to make free calls and send free messages easily. If you have any friends or family abroad, this app is popular to use to keep in touch with people far away.
  • MeowChat
    • Want to meet new people in your area? In your country? Around the world? MeowChat allows you to create a profile and connect with people using the same app around the world. You can make connections across the globe.

Learning/Studying Apps:

  • StudyBlue
    • Need help studying? StudyBlue allows you to make flashcards, quiz yourself, and set reminders to study.
  • Duolingo
    • Having trouble learning a language? Took classes but need to keep up with your skills? Duolingo allows you to practice everyday with vocabulary, translations, and speaking the language you’re learning. It also tracks your progress.
  • Quizlet
    • This is a flashcard specific app. You can create as many sets as you want. Everything you make will be synced to your account so you can access it anywhere.

Resource Apps:

  • First Aid by American Red Cross
    • In a state of emergencies (minor to severe), you can use this app to help you handle allergic reactions, asthma attacks, bleeding, burns, etc. If you are a certified in First Aid, this app will be especially helpful for you.
  • Benedictine University
    • Many of you may not know this but, Benedictine University has its own app where you can search for updates, maintain your schedule, view mail, and more. Download it! It’ll help make your campus life easier.
  • tinyPDF
    • You can use this app to annotate, highlight, bookmark, add notes, sign, or stamp documents or textbooks or more. It’s a very helpful tool for on-the-run documentation and studying electronically.

These are only a few of thousands of apps available to you. Try to explore to find new apps. You may find something very amusing or useful for you.


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