S.E.E.D’s Introduces PGC

As you may have seen in the hallways, green posters and many free organic samples been given out.  This is because is introducing first time ever the; Project Green Challenge in Benedictine University! This great challenge is to educate students more about the products that we use each day, becoming more organic, and winning prices along the process. To begin is really simple! You sign up for the October challenge and what this means is that each day for that month you will receive an email describing a challenge that you have to complete. The best part is that challenges do not make you go out of your way in order to complete them. Once the challenge is completed, take a picture, tag PGC, post it and you have completed your first challenge! The best part of this challenge is that the more you accomplish, you have the higher chance to win more prices, from organic shampoos, facials, snacks GMO free!, and best part, you have the chance to win money prices, such as scholarships and gift cards!

The point of introducing this challenge to the students is to become more aware of our everyday actions and how they impact not only the environment but also our personal health. Learning that the food that we eat each day have GMO, even the clothes that we wear have an impact towards our skin. We are not promoting the products but rather promoting the challenge in a way that can benefit health. Through out the process, Teen Going Green leaders provides information before asking you to complete the challenge, that way you have a better understanding of why and what you are doing. Please take this opportunity to benefit us in the long run. We all understands, we are students and sometimes we do not find the time to complete everything that we need to do in one day, but with this challenge you do not have to complete each and every one of them. It is important to educate yourself in this important topic! One little action from everyone will eventually lead up to a great change in the world.


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