At the end of my semester last year, a new club directed towards athletes was being organized called S.O.A.R. Being curious as to what it was, I went to the first meeting that sparked my interest to get involved! SOAR has many aims, including the following: get student athletes more involved and engaged with other sport’s teams, give members the skills to be a great leader, aid and guide student athletes in getting internships and getting into the workplace, and to give incoming student athletes mentors that make the adjustment to college an easier experience and just give them someone to come to with any questions and concerns.

What’s really unique to this club is that it’s made to be a 4 year club, with each year being a new role to be filled. As a freshmen, one is dependent on his or her mentor to lean on for support and get acclimated with college. As a sophomore, your participation in SOAR gradually prepares one to become a mentor in the upcoming year.As a junior, you become a mentor for the incoming freshmen as well as being involved in skits and welcoming events for the freshmen during preseason. As a mentor, your responsibility is to try to meet weekly with your various assigned mentees to check up on how classes are going, if they need help with anything, and overall just how they are doing. To support one of SOAR’s goals (diversity), mentors are assigned freshmen that are not in their same sport. However, mentors and mentees are paired based on major so that mentors have the experience/tools necessary to give freshmen the best advice. Lastly, as a senior the goal is to have you prepared for the workplace.

Although I am was not a freshmen when this program started, I am very excited to see where it goes! I think that it will really be something that develops students and prepares them for the next step into their career by providing leadership opportunities and building up self confidence!


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