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Greek Life at Benedictine University

There are so many benefits for having Greek life on campus, and it would greatly improve to the Benedictine community, especially for the residents. There would be no need for special housing since some schools have these organizations in basic dorms or apartments. Group activities and meetings can help students socialize, which could help those who are shy or first year students. Our school is very small compared to other universities and this would attract more potential incoming students.

It would be great to have fraternities and sororities because residents who go home to have fun with their friends on the weekends will have a reason to remain on campus to build friendships with their classmates which could last a lifetime. Instead of having cliques divided by sports and those who are not athletes are by themselves, giving the option of joining a fraternity would  combine these groups and tighten the bonds between fellow students. There have been many who suggest that there should be Greek life on campus and I believe that the university would greatly benefit from listening to them.



So, in my opinion,  the greatest sport is XC (Cross Country). Not only because of our amazing ability to run a copious amount of miles,  but also for our family like atmosphere. We love each other and actually want to be around one another. So, in order to make our 2014 newbies feel accepted and awkward we decided to have an event. We called it the XC Formal/ Homecoming and this is how it went.
So a girl picked a boy(some had two boys) that they didn’t know well. (So, like newbies asked returner or vice versa) and we had to think of a fun way to ask them.
On our way back from our St Louis meet the a.c. broke and it was a bazillion degrees so we decided to ask them then to take their minds off of everything.  So each girl, one by one, went to the front of the coach bus and grabbed the mic.
Here is how we asked them:
-Tatiana,  a transfer Junior asked our 5th year senior, Mark: “Would you come running if I asked you to homecoming?”
-I am a returner sophomore and I asked a freshman named Joe and a junior named Mo: “Your names rhyme. We’ll have a good time. Mo and Joe will you go to homecoming with me?”
-Lizzie is also a returner sophomore and she asked a freshman named Marquis: “So um Marquis! Um will you go to homecoming with me?”
-Hayley, a transfer Junior asked a freshman named TJ: she played the song “I like big butts and I can not lie” then asked, “I like big butts and I cannot lie. Will your booty go to homecoming with me?”
-Sherry, a returner junior asked a freshman named Eric. He is the cripple of our team and had to have crutches: “I know you’re crippled,  but can I be your crutch for the night? ”
-Sarah, our returner junior,  asked freshman, Christian, and senior,  Timmy: “All night we can shimmy. Will you go to homecoming with me Christian and Timmy?”
-Emma, our fifth year captain,  asked a freshman named Drew. She rapped this lovely poem :

“My name is Emma.
I have a dilemma.
I’m in need of a date.
One that won’t be late.
Your laugh is squeaky.
But hey I’m not picky.
You may be young.
But my bell you rung.
Your hometown is Bolingbrook.
But I know you’re no crook.
My rhymes may be of no use.
But in the words of Dr. Seuss.
I’m asking you, Drew.
Would homecoming you do?”
Julie, our senior Captain, asked freshman Matt because apparently he looks like Chris Derrick (she’s in love with him): “You’re not quite Chris Derrick, but I guess you’ll do. Will you go to homecoming with me Matt?”
Rachel (rachscianna11) is a junior that asked her boyfriend who is also a junior on the team, Chris by writing it in Bacon.
Natalie who is a senior also asked her senior boyfriend Evan.
When the night finally came, everyone dressed up looking super fine! We took team photos at the sloop then drove to Lou mantis.  We were completely over dressed and looked like we were going to Lisle High School’s homecoming, but we rocked it. We stuffed our faces with delicious pizza and had the times of our lives! Here are some picture from that night.
Our lovely men’s XC team.
This is what happens when you ask the guys to take pictures.
So this is creepy.  The four of us got stranded on the side of the road a couple weeks back and then we were the only ones to wear blue. Also, without realizing it, we stood in a pattern! Gasp!
Selfie game strong in front of Lou mantis.
My “date” lol Mo ended up switching on me  :/
Rachel (rachscianna11) and her bf, Chris! ❤
Girls team…#wecantwalkinheels #orflats
Our graduating runners…minus one.
How classy are we?
In the end we were missing five teammates because of other priorities, 1 girl and 4 guys. But that doesn’t matter lol they suck and we got pizza! 🙂

Running with the Bulls

With the Bulls tipping off their regular season in two days at Madison Square Garden against the New York Knicks, Bulls fans, not just from Chicago, but around the world, are beyond excited. As everyone knows, Derrick Rose has not played a full season since his 2010-2011 MVP campaign. That alone has fans on the edge, but the off-season acquisitions of all-star forward Pau Gasol, National college player of the year, Doug McDermott (via trade with the Denver Nuggets on draft day), Nikola Mirotic (who was voted best player in the world outside of the NBA last year), and several other signings (such as Aaron Brooks), have people talking about the Bulls winning it all, despite what Cleveland may have cooked up over the summer. There are a few things to consider.

Derrick Rose.

With what is now referred to as the The Third Coming of Derrick Rose, many are skeptical of how injury prone he really is. As mentioned earlier, Rose hasn’t played a full season in some time due to two serious injuries. Rose seemed to come back stronger than ever his last return, play exceptionally well in preseason, lose rhythm during the first ten games of the regular season and get injured. So why would this time be any different? Well, there are several reasons.

Derrick has grown. During his last return (while not rushed timetable wise), he just wanted to do anything to get back on the court. This time, he has learned to take care of his body. He has changed his diet and learned to better prepare for games (in regards to stretching and warming up). Furthermore, his time off the court has allowed him to see the game from a different perspective. Rose has a better understanding of the game when it comes to getting his teammates involved, picking better shots, avoiding contact, etc. During preseason, not only has he dazzled spectators, he has proven to be a smarter and more confident player. Finally, Rose had the opportunity to shake off the rust during the World Championship. If he’s healthy, the Bulls have a legitimate shot at winning a title.


The Bulls (not even referring to Rose) are often times an injury prone team. It seems that every season at least one player comes into training camp rehabbing some kind of injury. This year Joakim Noah is still recovering (even though he’s playing) from knee surgery. Even though Derrick is the key to a championship, Joakim Noah (arguably the second best player on the team), must be healthy. Kirk Hinrich always runs into injury trouble. If Derrick can stay healthy for the season, that can shave off minutes for Hinrich and hopefully keep him fresh for the playoffs. Pau Gasol is the third concern. At his age he is more injury prone that most of the other guys on the team. Keeping him in good health is essential.


To say that Tom Thibodeau is a great coach is an understatement. In the four years he has been a coach, Thibs has won Coach of the year and become the fastest coach to 100 wins. For several seasons he has made the best use of players that were available to him, always proclaiming, “We have more that enough to win.” This winning has been fostered by Thibodeau’s constant preaching of defense and hustle. He does have one flaw that separates him from the likes of Greg Popovich. Thibodeu tends to overplay his players to the point where they are completely burned out for the playoffs. Like Pop, Thibs has to accept that some games in the regular season just aren’t worth risking that much energy. However, he now has the luxury of having many great players which should help maintain “normal” minutes for his players.


As mentioned, Thibs has plenty in his arsenal to choose from, but how does he utilize that many good players. It is clear that even after the eight game preseason, there is no set rotation. The Bulls have arguably the best front court in the league. Noah and Gasol are backed by Gibson and Mirotic. Gibson could easily be a starter on half the other teams in the league, and Mirotic’s potential is through the roof. While Noah and Gasol starting seems to be set in stone, the main question is who will close games. Does Thibodeau put the starters in or let Gibson finish instead of Gasol for his defensive prowess? Maybe even take out Gibson and put in Mirotic to build his confidence, especially since he’s proved to be a pretty good defender.

At small forward, Mike Dunleavy seems to have the starting spot. Should he keep it? McDermott cold benefit from playing with the guys in the starting line-up, especially since he will most likely have a starting spot next season. This is by no means a knock on Dunleavy who I consider a great player with superb fundamentals and a nice touch, but being a veteran, he might be most effective coming off the bench to balance out the youth, and he would have more energy to have a greater impact.

Finally, Rose and Butler starting at the 1 and 2 is undebatable, but who backs them up is a good question. Hinrich will most definitely back up Rose, but what about the two spot? Will Thibs play Aaron Brooks (and have him change off for ball handling with Hinrich), or will he start to give Tony Snell, the second year man who is inconsistent but shows flashes of being a quality player, a chance to prove he is worthy of having a decent amount of minutes? What makes matters more confusing is that Thibs likes to play Hinrich alongside Rose which cuts into Butler’s minutes. It seems that the need to have a good second unit will not allow three young players, and Tony Snell will most likely be the odd man out.

Winning it all?

Personally, I think the Bulls have a chance to bring back the Larry O’Brien  Trophy to Chicago. One thing to keep in mind is that Derrick Rose will not be able to do it alone. Nevertheless, he might not have to. This is unarguably the best supporting cast Rose has had thus far, and with Noah’s emergence as a point center, as well as Hinrich’s presence, Rose can catch a break and look to play off the ball. As a Bulls fan, I hope that the Bulls can win a title this year, but it is important to keep in mind that even if they don’t, the young talent the team possess, promises a good future in Bulls basketball.

DIY Halloween Crafts

Here are some great DIY (do it yourself) projects that you can do now that Halloween is around the corner!

What to do with all those pumpkins?
– Fruit skewers stuck in pumpkin, simple but fabulous idea. Good party snacks!
– Clementine Mini Jack-O’-Lanterns
– Drip art pumpkins, with melted crayons
– Decorate your pumpkin with play dough faces
– Paint your pumpkins
– Tissue paper collage pumpkins
– Make magazine-collage Jack-O-Lanterns
– Add some bling to your pumpkins
– Carving pumpkins
– Best of all, don’t forget to use the pumpkin seeds and bake them for a great snack!

UNICEF/S.E.E.Ds Smashing Pumpkins Event

Didn’t do well on your midterms? Got into a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Are you feeling angry or frustrated? Well we are creating just the event for you on November 6th; Smashing pumpkins! UNICEF and S.E.E.Ds its hosting a smashing pumpkin event where all money raised will go towards supporting UNICEF’s Trick-or-Treat campaign, a general fund that supports UNICEF’s work in over 190 countries! All pumpkins will cost $2. After the event is over, S.E.E.D’s will dispose all the remains in the garden across Nuezel Hall this way we dispose all the remains in a friendly matter. The event will go on from 11am-2pm, so if you have time, please come out and smash a pumpkin with us and also release the stress!