Apple Picking!

Unless you haven’t stepped outside in the last few weeks, you know fall is finally in full swing. I was lucky enough to “tis’ the season” this weekend by taking a trip to the happiest place on earth, the apple orchard. As you can see, your Benedictine Cross-Country team likes getting festive. Even if you don’t like apples or are a grouch who hates having fun, there is always something for you at an apple orchard (by this I mean APPLE DONUTS).

This past Sunday, my team and I decided to take the drive to  Jonamac Apple Orchard in Malta, IL. It’s only about an hour ride from Benedictine’s campus and it’s a pretty simple drive. When you walk in, you can smell the happiness (mostly the APPLE DONUTS). It’s hard to determine where you’re going to start. As far as the actual apple picking, you can by a bag from stands around the orchard. A half peck bag is $13 dollars (5 lbs of apples) and contains more than enough for two people to split the cost. There are aisles and aisles of apples to choose from, but they let you pick from the 3 rows that are the ripest. Eating the apples straight off the tree is probably better than actually bagging the apples. They’re a billion times better than store apples. After your done with picking, you can watch people launch apples at high speeds and hit things at the Apple Launcher. After you’re done with that, you can go to the shop inside the orchard (just follow the scent of the APPLE DONUTS). They have adorable apple-themed goodies you can get if you’re willing to spend the money. I recommend buying at least half a dozen APPLE DONUTS and apple cider or coffee. If you’re blessed with some time, make sure you check out the corn maze. When you’re all finished, make sure you find a sweet looking dad with his kids to take a picture of you and your group :).  It’s going to be difficult, but be careful not to eat all your APPLE DONUTS on the car ride home.

Take advantage of fall while you can! And make sure you check out my fellow student ambassador’s blog, Jasy Jones, on what you can do with all your delicious apples you so diligently picked.

Here is a link to the  Jonamac Apple Orchard website so you can plan your visit:

Happy autumn ya’ll!



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