Being a TA

This year I had the opportunity to become a TA (teacher’s assistant) for the food science lab I took last year. Although not far into the semester, I am very happy I decided to be a TA. It holds a lot benefits to make it worth the hours put in. For instance, it provides the opportunity to be a leader in the classroom. You get the chance to help students with material that you’ve previously had, and at the same time refresh your mind on what that material might be so it can better be retained. Many TA positions (except for the food science lab) give you many areas to put in more hours outside of the class. For example, holding study sessions to help students struggling with the material or grading papers. If your qualify, you can also make your TA experience a federal work study which allows you to be paid for the hours you put in. Even if you don’t qualify, you would instead count it as one credit towards your semester. Lastly, it’s important to remember that by being a TA, you are taking advantage of building a relationship with a professor. This relationship is so crucial to providing you with someone that you can come to with any questions regarding your major or preparation for the future, as well as someone to count on for writing you a letter of recommendation when applying for internships and etc.

All in all, being a TA is a great growing experience and if you happen to get the chance or offer to be a TA, I highly suggest you take it!


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  1. Nice article, Sherry! I’m a T.A., too!

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