After reading Jasy’s blog about bagels, I got into the bagel mood. I can’t wait until Tuesday now. You are definitely asking yourself why I would want to skip the weekend to get to Tuesday. I don’t want to skip this weekend at all (IT’S HOMECOMING WEEKEND!) but I still love Tuesdays.


BAGEL TUESDAYS AT PANERA! Alright, what does that even mean?

It means THIRTEEN BAGELS for $6.99! WHAT! That is insane. Any other day, the deal goes for thirteen bagels at $9.99 (that’s still a good deal to me). Every Tuesday my room mate and I try to find time to go to Panera down the road on Ogden to get this sweet deal. Ogden’s Panera is right next to Ogden 6 (where you can get another great deal- $4 movies!). Ogden 6 also offers free movie nights for Benedictine students too, so when you hear a buzz about a free movie Friday on campus, it is no joke! Naperville really has it all.

Back to bagel Tuesdays, my favorite part is sharing the bagels. My roomie and I will share them with the other students on our floor or if we run into you we will offer one to you! It is a great way to make some friends and get to know the people you’ll be sharing your floor with the rest of the school year. Plus, you for sure will be voted favorite neighbor! 🙂

Hopefully I will see you all next Tuesday!


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