The importance of breakfast

I am not a morning person at all, and I do not like coffee either (crazy right?). So waking up in the morning for me was really hard because I never ate breakfast, I would just wake up, get ready, and drink water. I found it very hard to stay awake and pay attention in class. Now, I started eating breakfast before going to class, waking up has become  easier. I am more alert and awake during class. I have done research and there are many benefits of eating breakfast that I did not know. I recommend everyone to also eat breakfast. I do not eat huge breakfasts, just an apple of a granola bar, and it still makes a different. Here are some interesting facts about eating breakfast daily:

  • Boots your metabolism, because your metabolism slows while sleeping so eating breakfast helps to speed it back up for the day.
  • May improves memory and concentration.
  • May improves your mood when through out the day.
  • Skipping breakfast does not help you lose weight.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Breakfast provides you with the energy and nutrients that lead to increased concentration in the classroom.
  • A small randomized trial published by Cornell University researchers inPhysiology & Behavior in 2013 found that college students ate about 145 calories more at lunch when they ate nothing in the morning than they did on a day when they ate breakfast. Considering that their breakfasts averaged about 625 calories, skipping it still resulted in a savings of about 450 calories by day’s end, according to the study.
  • Eat protein for breakfast, such as greek yogurt, granola, eggs with veggies, and fruit.
  • Helps you eat less throughout the day, since you ate breakfast you won’t eat a huge lunch.
  • The University of Nottingham study found that those who skipped breakfast were more resistant to insulin. Insulin resis­tance increases the risk of developing diabetes.
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