The exciting new launch of iPhone 6!

When the first iPhone got released, that is when the technology world officially changed and many competitions began. Everyone rushed in getting the new best “thing” out there and as they began to adapt to it, everyone seem to fall in love with the iPhone. Since the first iPhone had been released, there have been 5 other ones better and improved.  I personally have the iPhone 5 and it is the first Apple product that I have bought. Using a smartphone, not only iPhone’s but also different smartphones, saves a lot of time when trying to get emails send, text messages, etc.. Out of all different smartphones, the iPhone is the most talked about and more used product in history of technology.  The expectations are higher then ever and everyone is eager to find out what this new product is all about.  It is said that the iPhone will have a higher Wi-Fi speed, also the camera will be 13megapix as Apple company worked with Sony to produce it. When it comes to the screen, it is believed that Apple went all out and created a new and more hi-def screen. Apple company needs to truly show of iPhone 6 as their biggest competitor, Samsung Galaxy, has gained many former iPhone users. The launching date being September 9, 2014, many iPhone addicts are already camping outside Apple stores in hope of getting the first every iPhone 6. Even though I am not one of those crazy campers, I do look forward on getting an iPhone 6; after I look at the reviews of course!

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