Make Connections! Get to Know Your Professors!

Ever been in a class where a professor has no idea who you are? At Benedictine, it’s easy and encouraged for you to get to know your professors. By making meaningful relationships with your professor, you can obtain advice for your future, be exposed to academic opportunities such as internships, and build a network to interact with different experts of various fields.

I’ve found it enlightening to getting to know my professors. I can talk to them about my concerns with my career and ask for suggestions about my classes. Also, it’s nice to be able to talk to them outside the classroom by discussing my own life with them. To me, building a relationship with my professors made my classes more fun and interesting because I know the person who’s lecturing. Thus, I encourage you to take this step too.


Here are Some Tips to Getting to Know Your Professors:

  1. Greet Them Before and After Class Starts. By simply saying “Hello” and “Goodbye”, your professor will start to remember your face and take notice of your presence more. 
  2. Speak Up During Class. When you raise your hand for questions or to share your viewpoint for discussions, your professor will consider your thoughts and note the effort you take to learn in class.
  3. Don’t Avoid Them When You See Them Outside of Class. If you spot your professor in the halls or at the grocery store, smile and say hi. This’ll show that you don’t hate them and actually want to know them.
  4. Go to Their Office Hours. Whether you need help for class/homework or you just want to stop by to seem them for no reason, taking the effort to see them outside of class will put you in good graces with your professors. Plus, most of the professors love seeing students during their office hours (It can be quite lonely sitting in an office all day… all alone…).
  5. Invite Them to Club Events. If you’re in a club/school organization, it’s a nice gesture to personally invite your professors to support your club at an event. Both of you will get to know each other better while having fun.
  6. Attend Any Events Your Professor Sponsors. Sometimes, professors have events they support. Try to attend those events. Some professors even give extra credit if you do.


When you’re going to have a class for a whole semester, you might as well get to know your professor. You never know what may become of it. Maybe, you’ll gain an acquaintance, a mentor, or a friend.


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