Ghost Tours

Thursday, September 4th Ursula Bielski, came back to Benedictine to give a ghost tour of the University. Ursula Bielski is a former graduate from Benedictine University, and has always felt connected to ghost since she was younger. Ursula grew up in a haunted house on the North Side of Chicago. Her father was a Chicago police officer, and introduced her to ghost and cemeteries. Ursula is a very popular ghost hunter, she has written many books and been on numerous television shows. She is very well known and respected ghost hunter. The ghost tour took place throughout campus. It started outside of Krasa, to Jaeger hall, the old quad, Neuzil hall, Ondrak hall, and then the cemetery. She told stories about every place that we went to, both true and false, because there are many haunted stories that are not true. In case you didn’t know, Benedictine is one of the most haunted college campuses in Illinois, well it used to be at least because nothing haunted has happened since I have been here for three years now. I have heard many stories about Benedictine being haunted, and I have had a few of my own experiences in which I do believe. It was a great tour that I recommend everyone to attend when she comes back.

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