bagels1 Carbs are supposedly terrible for your body. Maybe they are, but have you ever heard of a bagel?  If the answer is no, then let me teach you a thing. Bagels make the world spin ’round! They bring balance to the Earth and the Universe. They are amazing in just so many ways. For example, there are a billion different kinds! Such as:

  • Sesame Bagel
  • Cinnamon Bagel
  • Plain Bagel
  • Everything Bagel! (Yes, I said ‘Everything’. There is literally every kind of seed on that bagel).
  • Onion Bagel
  • Jalapeño Bagel
  • Raisin Bagel

THEN! It doesn’t just end there…THEN you can…

  • Toast the bagel
  • Warm the bagel in the microwave
  • Break it apart and eat the small itty bitty pieces
  • Eat it straight from the bag
  • You could even freeze it then naw on it for as long as your heart desires!

BUT WAIT there’s more…you could eat it with…

  • Peanut Butter
  • Eggs
  • Sausage
  • Cream Cheese (don’t get me started on those varieties).
  • Jellies and Jams
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Pizza Ingredients
  • Hot Cheetos (That is a real thing. Picture below)

bagels3 (Interested?)

The possibilities are truly endless.

If Coal Ben were to get rid of the bagels for breakfast my world would stop. The light that brightens my days would cease to exist! Some people say that carbs are bad, carbs make you fat, carbs are blah blah blah.

No. Well, maybe some are, but not bagels!

The point of this post is to tell you that Coal Ben has bagels for breakfast and you are not allowed to have any of them because they are all mine.


Have a great day!  


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