New School Year New You.

Hey there everyone. I hope all is going well for your first two weeks of college. You might have been thrown lots of homework from your professor in the beginning of the year, and I tell you if you cant handle this load on you now, then you better start finding a way to manage your homework so you don’t have a hard time throughout the rest of the year. Here are some suggestions for those who need help.

1. Student Success Center

They will help you organize and help with time management of how to properly use the time you have to do your homework.

2. Ask the professors

If you don’t seem to understand a concept of a lecture that your professor went over that day, feel free to go up to them after class or during their office hours to ask for some help.

3.  Look over your notes and on

Sometimes when the notes you take in class sometimes don’t make sense. So a good way to understand those notes is to look at your notes and see if they make sense to you. If they don’t then go on and see if your professor has posted the lecture notes online and then you can look at those notes and see where you were misunderstanding.

4. Assignment notebook

Yes these things are back again. Assignment notebooks are very important when you start college because  it helps you organize what work is due on what day and when you have exams and midterms. It helps you organize what classwork you need to do when. It also is a device that helps you keep track and helps you get prepared for your upcoming exams, quizzes, papers, etc…


So I hope that these top 4 suggestions are useful to all you freshmen and I hope the rest of your year goes well. Enjoy 🙂



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