Ideas for Weekly Group Hang-outs

It can be difficult to stay happy when all you have to look forward to during the week is class and assignments.  Some of you may feel you don’t have an ounce of time to relax, but everyone should at least devote one night a week to spending time with friends  and forgetting about nasty school work. Nights that have a theme to them are a great way to get your friends all in one place, doing something much more fun than studying. These are a few ideas for weekly hang-out nights. WARNING: most of these might pertain to the female gender.

  • Classy Night! Make a fancy (by fancy I mean better than Easy Mac)  meal with your friends, put on a good movie, and  relax! I also encourage those who are 21 or over to have a glass of wine to feel even classier.
  • Pajama Movie Night! I’m talking about your fuzziest, snuggliest pajamas here. Curl up with popcorn, hot chocolate, your favorite candy, etc. and watch your favorite movie (chick flick recommended)
  • Craft Night! Go on pinterest, look in the DIY section and find something awesome you can make to hang up in your room or decorate with. Then laugh at each other as you all mess it up.
  • Board Game Night! This is a classic for everyone.  I recommend Jenga, Cards Against Humanity, Uno, or Apples to Apples. Anything except Monopoly (it’s just way too long)  WARNING: this has the potential to ruin friendships.
  • Basketball Night! Grab a basketball and shoot some hoops on the court outside at BenU. Playing games like HORSE are better than having an actual game (less injuries). Getting the exercise will release stress. Afterwards you can pig out on ice cream. Why not?
  • Yoga/Spa Night: Find a gross-looking mask on the internet that is supposed to do amazing things for your face. Slap it on and take pictures because you will all probably look ridiculous. After your face is beautiful, you can pop in a yoga DVD and release all of that negative energy you have felt all week. It will probably also be fun to make fun of each other as you try difficult poses.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings/ Sports Night! Go to Bdubs. Get a lots of wings. Watch some sports. Be a bro.

Working hard is important, but when college is finally over ( it will be sooner than you think), you and your friends will end up in the real word and see less and less of each other. Take advantage of these few years and make time for fun 🙂


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  1. Great suggestions, Rachel! I’m definitely going to try a “Buffalo Wild Wings” night and be a bro!

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