Starting Second Week of College!

I remember when I first started college and how different the first week of school was in compare with high school. First week includes LOTS of confusion, getting lost, meeting your professors, switching classes and meeting new faces around the campus. As you try to get into a routine, second week of college starts. I’ve always thought that once passing the first week of college, then the rest of the months fly by. Second week of college most students have an idea of the classes that they have and the amount of time they need to spend in each of them. Most of students besides going to school, they have a job on the side that they work through out the years. It is very important that students find time to balance their school work and working at the same time.

  • Don’t  let stress get to you; just take a breather and everything will work out just fine
  • Some students worry a lot coming in to college as “Undecided” major, but don’t worry! You got this year and early next year to fully decide what you want to do in your life. (Make sure you choose before Junior year)
  • Stay on top of your school work, even though its the first 2 weeks of school!
  • Have fun with the new students that you met in college! Get to know each other!
  • Most IMPORTANTLY: Make time for sleep!! Lots of students are so busy with school work, work, internships, some with second jobs, that they forget to include sleep into their schedules. Try to take naps when you can! (best way to feel relaxed at times)
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