Getting a head start for the new semester :)

Hey there everyone how’s your summer going? Well this is the time of the year when a new school year is slowly approaching, school supplies are stocked up in stores, and its time to start checking out the prices for your textbooks for the new semester. As being a student going to Benedictine University, I’ve spent a lot of my time checking out where I can find the best prices on books that I can rent for the coming semester. The websites that I normally check to see for textbooks are:




There are many more other websites where u can find cheaper textbooks that you can rent for the semester, but here are just the 3 websites i use. Feel free to check them out. Sometimes some of the books you look for may not be available, so the last resort is to go to the bookstore on campus and buy the book. 

Now that books are taken care of, what comes next are supplies for your classes. Here are some things you will need for most of your classes for the new year:

1. Notebooks

2. Pencils & Pens

3. Loose Leaf Paper

4. Binders

5. Scientific calculator

6. Backpack

7. Small stapler

8. Folders

9. Markers (for projects)


Hopefully your first semester for college goes well and you keep yourself on track with what is happening in class, catch up on the readings, study ahead for exams, and just remember always have a little bit of time to have fun 🙂


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