Student athletes and social media!

In this day in age everyone has some form of social media. I’m sure even your parents have Facebook or play the occasional game of Candy Crush. Social media  plays a role in our everyday life. From event invites, tweets, Instagram likes and reblogs, everything is through social media. Companies are now relying completely on social media to advertise their products. Everything you post, tweet and blog are visible for everyone to see. For student athletes this is especially important because they are a representation of the school they compete for.  These students have the power to make things happen with a single tweet.

With so many students tweeting and using social media at the collegiate level the concern for students abusing social media is present. It takes only one athlete to make a mistake using social media to hinder the image of all student athletes. Unfortunately for athletes, the tainted image of an athlete doing wrong is more often seen than when they are doing right.  But ever so often athletes are recognized for doing incredible things! Athletes should be aware of what they are posting on social media because they are a direct representation of their school. A lot of coaches and universities follow their athletes and post season updates using social media. If you allow your coach or athletic department to follow your personal account on social media you should be advised as to what you are putting out there for everyone to see. If you have to think twice about whether or not a post is inappropriate then chances are it should not be posted. The athletic department and coaching staff are there for the athletes and fully support them, but when the abuse of social media comes into play then the coaches have to do what is best for the team and university as a whole. Consequences for students not being responsible on social media may include suspension from the team, or sitting out on a game or being kicked off the team permanently.

Social media has been transformed and is used in about every business there is. It is used to bring people together, get the word out, spread ideas and used to express ourselves. For student athletes this form of communication can be bennoficial or detrimental to their collegiate careers. Using social media responsibly is a great way to ensure no harm is done with your viral postings. The rule of thumbs should be, if you have to think twice about whether or not your post will offend anyway, then it probably should not be posted!

Happy posting!


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