#Bring Our Girls Back!!!!!

If most of you have been watching the news, this concern has been on air for a while and this issue requires the United States attention the most. If you know what I am talking about then you should be concerned, but for those who don’t, the issue I’m talking about is about the several school girls were kidnapped in Nigeria and haven’t been found where and why they were kidnapped. Families in Nigeria are helpless because they can’t really find any way to track down where their girls might have been taken to. They are worried about whether or not their girls are alive or dead. There have been protests that have been marching in Nigeria trying to grab the attentions of the Americans and any other country around them as well. According to the FoxNews article, all Western powers which include U.S, U.K, and France are going to be joining forces and will be on the search for getting these hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls who have been captured by some Islamic terrorists.

The United States has already started preparing their military soldiers to be ready to go on a flight to Nigeria and bring back the girls. Some Nigerian families here in the United States are really upset and disgusted by this news and feel like there is nothing really being done to help these schoolgirls and that this issue should open all governments eyes and to make them realize that there needs to be something done about this and it should be quick. Not only had the Western countries decided to help, but China is offering to help the Nigerian officials by sending them satellite intelligence to help locate the schoolgirls. At this moment, the parents of these schoolgirls are worried about what the Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau and his army of jihadist fighters might do to their daughters. There are  approximately about 275 schoolgirls that are kidnapped. In an article, I read, it stated that some of the parents of these girls have been so worried about their daughters that they have stopped eating. Due to this disturbing incident that has occurred, there has been fundraisers being held and donations being made to help pool money in search of these schoolgirls who apparently are missing for almost one month now.

Some evidence of this disturbing incident was captured by a video that Shekau made himself stating his plans for his kidnapping. He says, “I abducted your girls,…Allahu akbar…By Allah, I will sell them in the marketplace.” Due to this disturbing issue that is being aired all around the world, many people have made donations and raised money to help bring the girls back. And I suggest you do something about it to. Spread the word and be a apart of this revolution of BRINGING OUR GIRLS BACK!!!!!


check out this article: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/05/08/world-powers-join-search-for-nigerian-schoolgirls-as-parents-frustration-grows/

Here are some pictures



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