Got Extra Meals and Munch Money for The Last Week?

You are either one of two people at the end of the school year: The person with a ton of extra stuff left on your BenCard, or the person begging for meals and Munch Money because you used them all. Recently, I’ve found that a lot of students I talk to have a ton of extra Munch Money to use in their last week of school (some people up to $275 or more). But, how do you get rid of $275 of food in one week? Munch Money does not carry over into your next year of school, so it would be an INSANE waste to not put that money to use. Here are a few things you can do to get rid of it.

Raid the Kindlon Coffee Shop: You have to do this early in the week. The last few days of school students, will flock there and it will be completely empty if you wait until the last day. Get donuts, muffins, candy, chips, or anything you can save up or snack on.

Get Breakfast at Coal Ben: Coal Ben breakfast is quite delicious, and since you don’t have class the last week of school, grab a friend and get some breakfast to make sure you’re well fed for your finals. Do this every day of the week and you are sure to put a hole in your Munch Money or meals.

Get Coffee! Go to Coal Ben or the Kindlon Coffee Shop and get caffeinated to make it through your finals. This is the week you deserve the most coffee. Multiple cups in one day is completely acceptable under the circumstances.

Order in Bulk: If you have A LOT of Munch Money left over (more than you can spend in a week even if you try really hard) then go to the food services office in 2nd floor Krasa and talk to them about ordering food in bulk. I have seen people come back with boxes of baked goods, Naked juices, and other drinks.

Be Generous! This is my favorite suggestion. The final week of school means everyone is stressed out from finals week and you are saying goodbye to some of your very close friends for 3 months. This means it is the perfect opportunity to show you care and surprise someone by buying them their favorite food. Maybe randomly buy your boyfriend a donut (he will appreciate it) or get your bestfriend or girlfriend some coffee (I would appreciate that). Or help those people who used all their money and still need to eat.

Have a great finals week and Happy Eating 🙂 !


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