Breaks Between Classes

Occasionally, it will work out that when you make your class schedule in the beginning of each semester there are time gaps between your classes. These time gaps could be anywhere between a few minutes and a few hours. The most annoying time gaps between classes are the ones that are around an hour or less because you cannot start a homework project or anything important and that time consuming. Here are some productive things that you can do with this time:

1. Take a nap. Naps are as valuable as gold in college. Sometimes your days get so over filled with homework, or just hanging out, that you do not go to bed nearly as early as you should. If you are a resident this is really easy, just go to your room and sleep, even if you can only rest for a short time, at least you got some rest. If you are a commuter, make a friend that is a resident. I know a few of my friends take group naps together.

2. Catch up on news. Now when I say “news” I do not mean the latest gossip on Facebook or Twitter. I mean real, worldly news. There is quite a few people on campus that are unaware of news as important as what’s going on in the Ukraine, if you are one of those people, stop reading this and Google it. Do not feel bad though, I know I often get to busy to take the time out of my day to find out what is going out in the world. These time gaps are a perfect time for that.

3. Grab a bite. If you have a gap in between classes that is shorter than an hour, you may not have enough time for Coal Ben; however, the little coffee shop in Kindlon Hall is perfect to grab a quick snack. I personally do this every Tuesday and Thursday morning in my fifteen minute break period.

4. Catch up with a friend. Social life is very important in college. During the weekends it is fun to hang out with friends and go to parties. During the week you can be social too. Take the time between classes to shoot a text to a friend, even if it’s just to say hi. They will appreciate that you thought to text them. But, if you do this, realize that they might be busy and not respond, or respond while you are in class.

5. Make a List. Organizing yourself in college can be difficult at times. Sometimes it seems like you don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done. Make a list of what you need to get done that day and approximate how long everything will take you. This way you won’t forget to do any homework or other important tasks. Also, by doing this during your break period you aren’t taking time that could be used to do these tasks away from yourself.

6. Clean up. If you are a commuter, this one does not apply to you as much. On the other hand, if you’re a resident, you know exactly how easily a room can get messy. When living in a dorm you don’t always think about tidiness. You leave the sweater you wore last night on the floor because you were so tired and you know you will eventually hang it up. Well eventually is now. Tidy things up. It will be easier for you to function in your room and your roommate will surely appreciate it.

So next time you have an annoying break between classes where you find yourself wondering what to do, do one of the six things listed above and you won’t regret it.


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