Unsolved Mystery: MH370 still missing

As you might have heard, the Malaysian Airplane that’s been missing for quite a few months know is still yet to be found. Question of where this plane could possibly be is quite astonishing because there hasn’t been any strong evidence that has lead the search to get closer into finding this plane. As of now search is still going all across the ocean, yet its just going to take some time since the ocean is a mass body of water and searching for it can take years. This is just like the mystery behind what had happened to the Titanic when it had sunk under the ocean. It took years later the event to finally come near to the findings of where the Titanic had sunk. This incident of the missing Malaysian Airplane is going to be an event in history that will be remembered forever. At this point what’s been heard is that the officials are requesting the families who have been staying in hotels waiting to hear any news about their lost ones, to go home and just wait for the officials to announce any updates that come their way. I feel bad for the families because they must be feeling irritated that they don’t have any news on their loved ones who were on the plane and have been missing for months now. Basically all the information that the officials have at the moment about this flight is the information below:

-how the flight was heading to Beijing while carrying 239 passengers on March 8th, 2014

– had disappeared from the radar in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia / didn’t realize it was missing till 17 minutes

-had a conversation with the pilot just few minutes before the plane went missing

– saw that the plane backtracked his route / no exact positioning location of the plane was known

-was probably flying over the Pacific Ocean

– help in search from the military flights and submarines are on the lookout for the plane

Hopefully the missing Malaysian Flight MH370 is found soon and the families can be relieved to know what had happened which caused this tragic and mysterious incident to occur.





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