The Finals Blues

As we know finals is fastly approaching! It is a bitter-sweet thing. For one we get out of school in a week and two we have to stress on if our grades will meet the cut or not. The big question on everyone’s lips is, “will I pass finals?” Finals can be very stressful but here is some tips to help you not stress out and get the Finals Blues.

  • First, if you start to feel over worked take a break, watch a movie or listen to some soothing music to get your mind back at ease.
  • Get some sleep, your brain cannot function if it doesn’t get the sleep it needs to rejuvenate it self.
  • get a study group, you might feel better about passing if you study in a group.
  • try going for a 20 minute run to get your stress down and mind focused on something else.
  • Create a detailed calendar to help schedule what to study, for how long, and what day so you don’t study everything all day and at one time.

Use these tips and you will feel so much better, don’t stress out. It’s the end of the year but it’s not the end of the world.


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