Finals are coming up and projects, papers and presentations are on the rise!

How do we get through this?

How do we find motivation to not only finish our assignments, but to actually do them well?

How do we fight those thoughts of skipping class or finding a crazy excuse?

Here it is.


1) It’s so simple, it’s ridiculous to mention- SLEEP! Sleep long and sleep well but not through class. Making time for seven hours of sleep at night will benefit you beyond what you could imagine.

2) Also very simple and easily ignored- EAT! But eat healthy. Make some fun dishes over the weekend for left overs, order Jimmy John’s delivery, grab some carrots for your snack. You need energy to do school work and energy will come from food that is not fried and super sugary.

3) Rethink your schedule. 

  • Find the best time you work. Right after you wake up? After dinner and you have fuel in your system? Late at night with no distractions? Try different times and figure it out ASAP.
  • Break big papers, projects and study guides up. DON’T DO IT ALL THE DAY BEFORE (or worse, the day of) IT’S DUE! It will honestly be so much more doable (do I go so far to say it might be enjoyable? Quite possibly).
  • DON’T continue to put the same things off! JUST DO IT! And think about how rewarding it will feel to be DONE with it.

4) Embrace how you learn best. Figure out how you study well and do it. Notecards, writing it over and over again, or just reading it, it doesn’t matter how, as long as you know which one works best. Learn by doing works great!

5) Make your assignments worthwhile. This can be hard to do but if you can, try to make homework benefit you. Don’t just do it to finish it. If you have to write an essay, pick a subject matter that you care about and are passionate about. That’s not working? Start over entirely and try a different topic. This will help motivate you because now the new topic matters a little more to you.

6) Take breaks! I don’t mean two hour long breaks. Use a timer and work HARD for 25 minute to 30 minutes. When you finish, you take a short break before starting again. YAY breaks! This way you will always have something to look forward to. 

6) REWARD YOURSELF! During those breaks eat a piece of chocolate, go tanning at the salon, text a few friends. Anything to help motivate you to get through your work, but make sure it doesn’t take too long!

7) Dude, go workout! Everyone knows this, but it needs to be stated again. Working out increases endorphins and endorphins make you HAPPY!

8) Don’t settle. That’s just it. You should not be okay with an average grade of a C. C’s may get degrees, sometimes. But A’s can get better degrees. A’s also boost that GPA so you keep that scholarship.

9) Compartmentalize- This is the most valuable lesson I have ever learned.

  • Think about what you’re doing at that time and don’t think about anything else!
  • Stop worrying about all the other stuff going on because you can’t do a million things at once- one thing at a time, man!
  • This ultimately stops distractions so you can focus on the task at hand-this is something that can be applied to everything you do in life.



And, of course, good luck! 😉



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