Students living below the line!

Its no secret that the students here at Benedictine take every opportunity they can to help others. Whether that be with relief efforts, providing funds for disasters or going on mission trips, they all benefit people who are not as fortunate as the students here. Recently students have been bringing attention to the number of individuals that are in mass poverty and living way below the standards of most americans. Harjot is a senior and with fellow students have taken the pledge to live “Below the Line” for 5 days. What is the line exactly, its living on $7.50 for 5 days.  Students are able to choose the organization of their choice and through donations they are able to raise awareness about poverty.

The reason why students are participating in Live Below The Line, but the ultimate goal is the same-to bring awareness and raise money for persons living in poverty throughout the world. Through these efforts students participating are directly impacted. A lot of students are aware of the inequality between countries, but do not have an idea of what it feels like to have to live in those conditions. Participating in Live Below the Line allows students to get a hands on approach to a cause that is affecting so many.

Students at Benedictine are always eager to get involved and help out whenever they can. The efforts of Live Below the Line are helping those who are currently living below the poverty line and not able to get the recommended nutritional values. With the continued efforts of the students and Live Below the Line, the number of persons living in poverty can be reduced.

If you would like to be a part of the effort and give a donation, feel free to click the link below. Every bit helps. No amount is too little!


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