Getting Over The Rainy Day Blues!

Its that time of year again-spring time! And everyone knows how the saying goes, “April Showers bring May flowers”. With this being a pretty promising statement, it is important to be prepared for those rainy days this spring. The weather conditions may not be  ideal for outside activities, but there are a lot of things that will keep you more than busy while the showers pass through.

Just because it is raining outside does not mean that your day just ended. Sure, a nap sounds like the perfect thing to do during a storm, but there is more to life than sleeping..YES, TAKE THAT IN! THERE IS MORE TO YOUR COLLEGE CAREER THAN JUST SLEEPING lol. Don’t just sit around while it rains, get up and do something. Board games, movie nights, study groups, homework…YES HOMEWORK, cleaning and organizing your books and class work or simply just talk with friends.

  • Getting a heads start on your work for the week on rainy days lowers the amount of stress on you and all the rushing to get things done.
  • If its raining and you have a little free time a movie night is always a great idea! Movies like Mean Girls, Despicable Me and Step Brothers are all crowd pleasers.
  • The gym is always a great place to go when the weather is not so ideal for being outside. You can run, jump, lift and bike without any rain drops falling on you….the walk from the gym is a different story.
  • Plan some time for you and your friends to just relax. Take a way the stress of school and work and just have some fun. Whether that’s just talking or going out for some fun, make it your own.

There’s no reason to let the rain get in the way of you having fun. Yes you may be limited on what activities you can do outdoors, but the skies the limit when it comes to indoor activities.


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